Michael Dezer, a local developer, microcar collector, car enthusiast and club member wants to host
a Microcar Meet in Miami for Vintage Microcars 750cc and under.

He has offered a host hotel, the Dezerland Howard Johnson Plaza
8701 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL 33154

Registration online and via mail is now closed

The schedule for Saturday for anyone wondering where we are:
9:30am leave Hotel to travel 5 mile north to Trump Grande Condo Resort to see part of Dezer Collection.
You MUST be with the group to gain entry. You cannot come late, however..
after this we will PROBABLY be traveling a few miles away to visit a 175,000 sq ft building that is scheduled to house his future car museum.

After this, Lunch at Tony Roma

Then we drive to South Beach

if you want to know where we are at any time and wish to join us please call 630-642-7622