Wilmette Historical Museum Sign

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1960 Fiat Multibus   owner:  Dr. Reid Engelmann

1960 Vespa 400   owner: Jack Madsen

1965 Fiat 500   owner:  Scott Thomas

1961 Nash Metropolitan   owner: Scott Thomas

1981 Freeway II   owner: Tom Lyons

1954 Messerschmitt KR175  owner: Kenny Robins

2000 Corbin Sparrows (one Teal, one Purple)  owner: Brian and Janet Estermann

1958 Victoria   owner:  Ed Bojan

1964 Austin Mini Moke   owner:  Richard Range

1958 Berkeley SE 492    owner: Ken Kendzy

1965 Bond Mk G   owner: Rich Newman

1962 Fiat Multipla   owner: Larry & Marybeth Claypool

1956 Renault 4CV  owner:  Lou Natenshon

1961 Trojan 200   owner:   Rich Newman

1961 DKW 1000S   owner:   Richard Carlson

1958 BMW 600    owner:  Rich Newman

1950 Crosley Fire Truck   owner:  Glen Koets

1953 Gutbrod Superior   owner:  Rich Newman

1969 Honda N600    owner: the Museum of Science and Industry

1955 Messerschmitt KR200   owner:  Jim Garbo

1969 Morris Mini Cooper S   owner:  Ken Olendzki

1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite   owner:  Barb Olendzki

1964 Austin Mini Countryman   owner:  Nick Lehner

1972 Mini Pickup   owner:   Nick  Lehner

1958 BMW Isetta 300   owner:  Werner Lang

1937 Fiat Topolino   owner: Jack Nikolich

1958 Morris Minor    owner:  Jack Nikolich

1959 Berkeley   owner:  Al Wagner

1942 Crosley Convertible   owner: Dr. Aaron Smith

Auto Red Bug

1957 BMW Isetta (the Peril Pod)  owner:  Jim Janecek

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