Auction Results: BubbleCar Museum UK


After squashing a previous rumor that they were closing, the UK-based Bubblecar Museum sent out announcements that there was to be a large Auction of Bubblecars and related parts at the Bubblecar Museum and yes a number of the microcars in the Museum would be sold.

??? So what is it?  They are closing?  They are not closing?

They are selling all the contents?  They are not?

Turns out they ARE CLOSING….but they close EVERY YEAR at this time until the Spring…when they….RE-OPEN.

This time is a little different since they are moving and are “downsizing” the Museum collection and focusing more on British Cars.  While a number of the cars in the recent Auction were from the Museum Collection, the Auction also had Microcars and spares from other people as well mixed in.
There were 186 “Lots”.  About 86 were Microcars.
You can find a list of Auction Results HERE.  

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5 Responses to “Auction Results: BubbleCar Museum UK”

  1. willy Says:

    I have a question are these cars for sale and can everybody sell them ?

  2. Jim J Says:

    These cars WERE for sale and they are now SOLD.

  3. john edwards Says:

    hello im a member of isseta club cant find address of museum uk can you help please many thanks john from essex .(sorry lost my membership number )

  4. admin Says:



    The Beeches,
    Byard’s Leap
    Lincolnshire. NG34 8EY
    or phone: 01400 262637

  5. kevin pearson Says:

    how do i get to know about the auction dates.

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