Microcar Museum in Thailand

For many years there has been quiet talk and rumors of a Microcar Collector in Thailand.
It seems the rumors were true!
Jesada Dejkulrit is the collector who has a large Private Collection of all sorts of vehicles under the name “Jesada Technik Museum”. He appears to have a special interest in Microcars and Bubblecars of all sorts.

His first Microcar was a Messerschmitt, purchased in 1997 at an auction, since then the collection has grown quite a bit. Rumor has it that a number of the cars sold at the recent BubbleCar Museum Auction in the UK will be going to this collection in Thailand.

There are at least 2 videos on YouTube that have some Thai TV host touring the Museum, see part 1 and part 2 below. The guy demonstrating the microcars is not Jesada.
They all seem to be outdoors under a very large canopy.

Jesada Technik Museum is located at 100 Moo 2, Ngewrai, Nakhon Chaisi, Nakhon Pathom. For further information, call (034) 339-468
or visit the website: JesadaTechnikMuseum.com (sorry, all in Thai!)

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3 Responses to “Microcar Museum in Thailand”

  1. JIM Says:


  2. D'Wayne Avila Says:

    I have the following microcars available.1956 Electric Shopper; 1966,1967,two 1970, 1971 Electra King; two Electro Masters;Marketeer; Marketour; Sports Rider.Are you interested?

  3. james hudson Says:

    hi jimmy from scotland are u pleased with ur velocette viceroy which was recently picked up by artura sadly missed as one off as near impossible to replace and got more attention at petrol stations as £60.000 vehicals next to it i be visiting ur museam in near future i have passed on some of this information of new ownership to the viceroy owners in gb as they like to keep a track on these very rare machines and my oppinion one of the coolist biggist scottors out there only sold cos a bit skint u seem to be a bit of a mystery it would be interresting to know what u have planned for scotter and a bit about ur self .

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