Call for Microcars at 2009 NY Auto Show

Vespa 400s at the Paris Auto Show

Vespa 400s at the Paris Auto Show

The 2009 NY Auto Show has invited us to display some Vintage Microcars with the rest of the Automotive World’s offerings from April 10-19

So this announcement is just to see if there is enough interest from enough people to pull this off.

Even though we don’t have to pay them to exhibit, there are some costs involved, some restrictions and some things to be aware of.

So if you are interested in providing a Vintage Microcar for Display or if you are interested in “working the show” by the Display for 1 or more days in NYC, please go HERE

There is an “info” link there that has a bit more background material on what is involved, so please make sure you read that part as well.

NOTE– this is NOT a formal commitment for anything! The NY Auto Show has the final say on everything and they want to know what -if any- cars would be displayed so they can also plan.

They are looking at a minimum of 3 Microcars with the possibility of more.

It is an amazing opportunity to be part of a world class automotive event.

*UPDATE:  See us at the NY Auto Show HERE

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2 Responses to “Call for Microcars at 2009 NY Auto Show”

  1. Jim Says:

    Well less than 24 hours after the announcement we have SIX Vintage Microcars submitted and according to the boxes checked on the form we have at LEAST Four People ready to “work” the floor for each day it is open to the Public.
    That does not mean we are stopping anything or even approved to do this yet, so please keep submitting.

    In the end we will hopefully have everyone who is willing to “work” the floor do so for at least one day to give as many people a chance to endlessly talk about Microcars.

  2. Robert Evans Says:

    It would be nice to see Rob & Patti Gerring’ cars there,,,
    They allways attract attention!!!!

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