BMW Isetta sells for record price at Barrett-Jackson Auction

$41,000 “hammer Price” plus Buyer’s premium = $45,100

But which Isetta was sold?

This is the car that was submitted by the seller : David A. Goldenberg Enterprises:

pic of car as submitted by seller

This is the car that was actually SOLD:

thanks to Burt Richmond for the pic

thanks to Burt Richmond for the pic

Notice anything different? Is this the same car?

The Barrett-Jackson consignment form clearly states:
You certify that all photos are true and accurate representations of the vehicle you wish to consign to Barrett-Jackson.”

Car looks similar but it has a completely different paint scheme, the front bumper seems to have been replaced with some aftermarket thing that does not appear to fit the door correctly (?) Look at the bumper-to-door molding, it is falling out. (click photo to see larger one)
At least it appears he put nice Coker whitewall tires on it.

If you are the buyer of this car, I hope the seller included the rear parcel shelf rack that is CLEARLY visible in the first pic but is nowhere to be seen in the car that was sold.

Also- I hope the seller did not just upgrade the paint, but also upgraded the engine compartment.
In the original photo, the engine is missing some bits, can you see what is missing?

(note: this “record” was from 2009, it was broken in 2010 CLICK  HERE.)

original photo supplied by seller

original photo supplied by seller

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27 Responses to “BMW Isetta sells for record price at Barrett-Jackson Auction”

  1. Jim B Says:

    I’d say pretty much a diiferent isetta !! Lack of front mud flaps on the isetta that sold.. Chrome locking channel in the front weatherstrip, no predrilled holes for the rear luggage rack, front parking light screws different placment on both isettas, Front door seems to have been painted w/ weatherstrip installed, has overspray on it.. Wipers in different park positions. Sun roof is not uniform or taught on either isetta.. Both bumpers seem to have been assembled by the same person or persons w/o regard to the fitting of the grey weather strip..
    The first isetta seems to have primer all over the driverside front nerf bar or cow catcher.. Engine is missing some original items as stated.. Fuel is leaking all over the aluminum fan housing cover.. Sure its from a lack of a overflow tube on the carburetor.. Gee, Can someone open up the door and show me the interior ?? lol Photos of the backside may reveal more ?? Just an observation by me is all.. Seems I could restore 3 isettas for this price ?? Jim..

  2. Jim Says:

    Here is a link to the original Barrett-Jackson listing with the original photos for more reference:

    I don’t have images of the inside of the car that was sold, but on the video that I recorded, the interior has been changed from all gray to all BLACK for some reason (?)
    they never took the engine cover off the car during the auction.
    But while the car was on the stage being auctioned off, the big screens showed photos of the “original” car and you could plainly see it was different, but no one seemed to notice or care.

  3. John Says:

    The question really should be did it actually “sell?” Several people in the know of what goes on at B-J told me alot of these cars are “sold” to other dealers where no money ever changes hands. They just drive up the price between themselves and their own shill bidders. The next time the car comes up for sale it now has the B-J inflated stigma price attached and lead people into bidding on a “bargain”. Ask someone you personally know who sold a car there how well they did not being one of the players. Bet they only got “ok” money. You wonder why some cars go for stupid money while another just like it goes for much less? Its a players con game where you the outsider lose both buying & selling at B-J. Some of it is legit but not much. I personally know of people who did buy cars there and the cars were nothing of the quality they claimed they were. I question the quality of this car as well.

  4. Steven Says:

    I like the way you write! Nice blog.

  5. prince Says:

    this is not good car from BMW company

  6. prince Says:

    there is anyone from india comment

  7. David Says:

    This indeed was the same car in the pictures. As Barrett-Jackson requires pictures well in advance, pictures were sent in before the car was finished. It was taken apart and completely repainted, along with the interior being redone, chrome replaced as needed, and detail of the engine compartment. The car did indeed sell to a new buyer, did set a world record. All parts used on the vehicle were purchased from Isetta-R-Us.

  8. Peter Says:

    so where is the interior luggage rack that was in the original photos?
    It is not in the car that was sold.
    You signed a contract saying the photos were a true & accurate representation of the vehicle but it was not a true and accurate representation of the vehicle.
    You changed the paint scheme and changed accessories that came with the vehicle.

  9. David Says:

    Once again – as stated – Barrett-Jackson requires pictures (and original title, etc.) well in advance before they’ll consign your car. I purchased the car in reference, made Barrett-Jackson aware that the car was going to be repainted after the pictures were taken, took the car completely apart, did one of our typical restorations, and sold the car. The whitewall tires were new, from Coker, the front bumper was not “aftermarket”, and the interior metal rack was removed by us because (1) it was homemade and (2) it looked like crap. I encourge all of these people making negative cracks about one of my cars to restore one of these little gems. As we have done many of them now, I can tell you it’s a lot of work. I will also tell you that even after the car was finished and the paint scheme changed (to a factory correct scheme, mind you, with a correct “wide cleavage” front door), Barrett-Jackson was given the corrected pictures…it was THEIR choice not to update them in their database. It is never my intent to misrepresent any of the vehicles we sell, that is why my company has the excellent reputation that it does. I do not “buy back” any of the vehicles I sell with B-J, and in fact have had a relationship with them since 1988. In fact, if you look closely at the video footage of this car being sold – you will see my partner John on stage with what appears to be a look of anger; that was because there were two different bidders in the crowd trying to bid more on the car…and were not recognized by the auction staff. Funny thing too – Barrett-Jackson had no problems what so ever selling it. I will say one last thing….I had no idea this ridiculous blog was up until one of my guys told me about it this morning. I find it sad that we work so hard trying to restore these cars and keep them on the road because they’re awesome….only to see people picking apart our hard work. 2 of the last BMW micros we restored are in BMW dealerships in their owner’s personal collections…so we must be doing something right.

  10. bill darland Says:

    As the original restorer of this car I want to put and end to the crap written about it. It was origianally done for a gentleman in wash state and was purchased years later by David Goldenberg Enterprises. The picture submitted by them for auction was as I restored it and the way they recieved it. After deciding it needed freshening, with new paint and some detailing, the car did look different. As to the comment about what car was sold, you damn well better know what your writing or I can assure you litigation will soon follow. David is above reproach and has never misrepresented a vehical to the best of my knowledge and especially about this vehical in question.

  11. David Says:

    Thanks for the comments, Bill. Funny enough I e-mailed the owner of twice and requested that this nonsense be taken down. It just goes to show me that even though someone owns a company, their ethics and sense of reason do not necessarily match my own. (didn’t even have the courtesy to e-mail me back) If I had people telling me that there were blatent lies and incorrect information, and I had the power and control to remedy it, I immediately would. He did the same thing when I notified him of the incorrect information he had posted regarding my two King Midgets that sold this year at Barrett-Jackson for $29,000 (plus 10% buy fee, lots 630 and 630.1 on their website). He insisted that they sold for $14,500 total (for the pair), when in reality they sold for the price I stated. I guess I’m lucky in the fact that I have a great reputation in my industry and am proud of the microcars I’ve sold. Funny that there are people who have nothing better to do than sit at home and bitch about things, instead of saying “congratulations, job well done.” I’m not bitter, but it makes me wonder why I belong to a group that is run in this manner. As for “litigation”, I wouldn’t waste my time or effort. As I said, anyone who knows me knows my integrity is second to none. The only time I’d litigate is if someone directly and willfully slandered me, or my character. Cheers everyone!

  12. Jim Says:

    Yeah, some people need to get a life!

    Like the guy who found his photo of Bruce Weiner’s Fiat Jolly being used to sell someone ELSE’S Fiat Jolly at Barrett-Jackson in January 2006!

    He should have been HONORED that someone chose to use his photo to advertise another car!
    But no, he had to go complain to Barrett-Jackson. What a loser.

    I cannot think of a higher compliment. In fact, I would go on to say “Congratulations, job well done!”
    Excellent choice of a photograph of a Fiat Jolly that looked similar to the one offered.

    I mean if one is restoring a car to sell at an auction and one does not have a proper photo of it, what choice does one have but to go out on the internet and find something similar and submit it? They all look the same don’t they?

    Cheers indeed.

  13. David Says:

    I sure hope you aren’t talking about me, Jim. If you are, or are insinuating anything about me or my business or my character, please kindly provide me with your full name and mailing address for my attorney to serve you with proper legal paperwork so that you will finally keep your trap shut. No one out there cares to hear your false accusations, constant negativity, or incessant whining, but indeed it does go along with the innaccurate reporting your little magazine is famous for. Luckily all the people who know me and my excellent reputation never read your nonsense…or if they do, they take it for what it’s worth which is absolutely nothing. If you’re referring to the record breaking coral colored Jolly we sold in 2006, Barrett-Jackson took the photos of MY car and they’re still on their website, as well as on my company business cards. Please check your facts before you go spewing forth innacuracies about things you know nothing about. Real men do not need to do such things, but it’s obvious you’re not one!

  14. Jim Says:

    Ok I checked my facts. They are all in order.

    I had no idea that Microcar News was famous for inaccurate reporting!

  15. David Says:

    Wow, you’re amazing, Jim. Not only are your “facts” not in order, they’re completely wrong. Well – you inaccurately reported that my 2 King Midgets sold at Barrett-Jackson for $14,500, and despite being corrected, it still remains up on your site, even though you know the figures are wrong. Maybe you need to look up the word “inaccurate” in the dictionary!

  16. bill darland Says:

    You should delete all of this crap before you end up in a law suit you can’t handle. Anything you have seen in microcar news can and has been wrong. Please just take all this nonsense off and let this rest. You have no right to judge anyone as you are doing. Sincerely, Bill Darland

  17. Jim Says:

    this Jolly was discussed back in 2006 on this Yahoo Group:

    read it in threaded mode so you get all the posts and comments. (after you sign in of course)
    if you cannot get in to the Yahoo Group you can always read the condensed version of the discussion in this archived PDF document:

    What began as a “Hey look what is up for auction at Barrett-Jackson” became “WTF is going on here?”

    Perhaps all these people were delusional? yeah, that’s the ticket.

  18. David Says:

    It is really sad when people are (A) So jealous they can’t see straight, and (B), literally do not have anything better to do than sit at home, lonely, looking for things to be negative and gripe about. It’s sure funny, both Sports Car Market and Automobile Magazine have done features on many of my cars, and we have been featured on several tv programs as well. My dealership has been a NADA Guides Market Analyst as well as a fully accredited member of NIADA, OIADA, and SBPA with a 100% rating for over 21 years of being in business. We are also a 100% feedback seller on eBay. As Bill so nicely put it…”anything you have seen in microcar news can and has been wrong”. When someone is told repeatedly that their “facts” are incorrect, and they do not take the necessary simple steps to correct it, it shows they simply do not care if they print truth or lies. It is truly sad because quite frankly – Microcar News is a GREAT magazine. I look forward to getting it in my mailbox. I just do not take anything I read in it seriously because apparently whoever puts it together does not know how to read sale price numbers from auction results postings….amongst other things. Luckily for me, I have had nothing but great compliments on the cars I choose to bring to auctions. We have been doing it for years, and God willing, will do it many more. I also find, oddly enough, that a lot of these people who offer up all of these negative comments have never even been to Barrett-Jackson, let alone any other auction. We all have to play by the exact same rules, otherwise we would not be invited back with open arms year after year. I personally have sold vehicles through B-J since 1988. I feel so sorry for you, Jim. It must suck to be so bitter instead of being happy like the rest of us! If you wish to see “delusional”, you have to look no further than your bathroom mirror when you wake up in the morning. Wake up, and realize how many people are laughing at you right now (or at least the very very small handful that read this nonsense). Have a super evening!

  19. Jim Says:

    You don’t seem very happy.

  20. Mike Says:

    Hi David/Jim – I know of a 1957 BMW Isetta 300 available if you are interested – 7000 miles – unrestored but in great shape – let me know asap if you are interested – could be the next one for B-J? post some contact info and I will get back to you


  21. Clark Says:

    You guys that restore and / or own these Isettas make them look awesome! i remember playing in one owned by my dads boss in the 1960’s. i hope the estate of the boss still owns it in Miles City Montana. i wish i could buy one right now. There is none seen in my part of Idaho, not at the classic cars shows i have visited.

  22. David Says:

    Actually I am quite happy. I have a fun life, doing what I love to do and am surrounded by friends and family who support and love me. It just bothers me that there is one negative thing related to me on all of the internet (that I am aware of) and it lies right here. The good thing is, it will never affect my business because people who know me trust me, as they should. I can back up everything I say with facts, something a bit different than this (publication) can say. Yes, Isettas are drying up a bit. People are either holding on to them, or they are being sold privately. There are always a small handful on eBay Motors. Good luck!

  23. Moderator Says:

    why do you think this blog is a publication?
    ?????? Do you understand the difference between “the internet” and a “magazine”?
    from reading your comments it does not appear that you do.

    You’ve also never pointed what your problem is with the PUBLICATION: Microcar News magazine that merits your comments that:

    “whoever puts it together does not know how to read sale price numbers from auction results postings….amongst other things.”

    c’,mon David, lets see those “facts”.
    put up or shut up.

    If your next comment does not point out exactly what your problem is with the PUBLICATION: MICROCAR NEWS magazine, you will not be allowed to post any more of your passive/aggressive comments here.

  24. Carl Says:

    To ‘David’, and whoever else wants to read my bellow comment…
    I am an avid car collector and a bit of a car restorer myself, so I commend you on your passion for the cars you restore. But on a recent trip to Silvers auction in Reno (which I attend almost every year) I noticed a few cars of yours that had raised some questions. Which by, what I can tell, you will be more then able to answer for me since you say you have such a great business reputation.
    The first cars I had to question were a Blue Keiser Special that I went over alot since you don’t see them every day. But what I found was a ton of undercoating and dirt and grease under the car, and also what seemed to be some kind of rubber (like a bicycle tire) in the driver side rear panel, which seemed to be holding the bondo out that was on the fender. I really did not find a section of the car without bondo and was shocked when I saw the car go across and sold as 14k original miles.
    I also had to question a Cadillac that I have to believe had a blown head gasket from what I could smell coming out of the car. I further looked at a black bmw 750il that I never saw with the windows up until after the auction when I saw a man (who seemed to be the new owner) crawl in to the car and roll up to passenger windows that looked like someone had cracked them with a hammer. I wondered if you knew of this problem and if that was why the whole time of the auction the car had the windows down? The last car that I really had noticed and drew some questions in my mind was a good looking hummer h3, that upon further looking at had some issues on its own. I wondered why you would paint the underside of the car? I know this because when I looked under the car I could notice black over spray on everything, under the truck and wonder like anyone else if there was something hidden under the paint (such as rust, frame damage, etc…)
    I wonder how it is that you sell such cars to the public and I do wonder if you feel that in any way this is dishonest or if you feel that this is what you have to do to sell a car? Also I would wonder what Mr. Silver would say if he too knew that these are the kind of cars you brought to his auctions, as I notice on the website none of your cars have pictures or the pictures don’t match the car, the whole reason this blog was started. I have been attending this auction for some time and I have notice every year that you have brought some of these cars to the auction and I now have a way to ask you these questions. I do thank you for your time and I look forward to your arrogant response that you have so kindly given to everyone that has questioned you on your cars. Thank you to all that read this Carl. P.S. If you need more facts or any other questions on other cars feel free to ask.

  25. Carl Says:

    please lets all remember that this is all just about the cars and being honest with one another

  26. David Says:

    Hello “Carl”,

    Boy, you seem to have quite the opinion of me, don’t you? You almost speak like a disgruntled person who used to work for me who was fired for not showing up to work two days in a row. Question for ya, “Carl”….how did you know all the above mentioned cars you speak of belonged to me or my company? Just curious as you sure seem to think you know a lot of things, even though the whole above paragraph contains a lot of fabrication. I stand by my excellent reputation and am quite proud of the cars I sell and my association I have with Silver Auctions, the largest collector car auction company in the states (last I checked). I had two people randomly come up to me and ask me for business cards at their recent Sun Valley event, and one of them told me they had two daughters in need of vehicles up in the Seattle area, and would send them to no one but me. I am happy with the association I have made with many people over the years at collector car auctions and am happy also when people come up to me many years later and remember me fondly. I spoke with another gentleman who purchased a BMW X5 from me last year in Sun Valley and he told me it is the single best vehicle he’s ever owned.

    1951 Kaiser Special in Reno was sold as a “barn find” and in #4 condition with exempt miles, not actual miles. In no way would anyone think it was a restored car unless they were mindless. It was sold at an excellent price to the buyer and we actually made nothing off the sale of the car.

    2000 BMW 750il was sold to a gentleman in Carson City, NV who was overjoyed with his purchase as he bought it over $4000 dollars below Kelley Wholesale Blue Book. Not bad for a gorgeous car with under 90k original miles! I talked to him about the delamination of 3 of the windows in the car and he was quite familiar as he had owned 2 previous models that did the exact same thing. Funny you mention all of this, “Carl”, as we had the windows up and down several times before the car was sold.

    I am unsure which Cadillac you’re referring to, “Carl”. I sold a 1997 Seville STS for $5000.00 that had over 100,000 miles on it. It was sold at “NO RESERVE” like most of my cars, and aside from running warm as most Northstar cars do, had no defects. The new owner was very happy.

    The 2003 Hummer H3 you speak of was sold over $4000 back of Kelley Blue Book and was in very nice condition. Many cars are dusted with a little black paint on the underside; if someone got overspray all over everything, I’d chalk that up to laziness or improper masking. I do not sell vehicles at collector car auctions with frame damage; never have, never will.

    Funny, “Carl”, that you only mentioned these 4 cars, and not the other 11 that we sold. If I wasn’t proud of the cars I sold, I would not run around with a company shirt on, accessable to everyone around me. People who would be ashamed of something would not do this, but then again they wouldn’t be at home wasting their time writing ficticious blogs about people under assumed names either….now would they “Carl”?

    As far as Jim’s comments or the “moderator’s” comments, if they do not know the definition of inaccurate publishing, perhaps they need to look it up. Once again, the PUBLICATION reported things that are untrue and innacurate, mainly sales figures. Again, as I said, all of us that attended and those with internet access just have to look these vehicles up on Barrett-Jackson’s website to know that the figures printed in Microcar News were incorrect. That was the only thing I was trying to say. Have a wonderful day!

  27. Moderator Says:

    David- you have failed to provide an answer to the simple question posted to you.

    This topic is now closed to comments and you are banned from posting anything else here.

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