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Peel P50 acquired by Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum

Friday, February 6th, 2009

But is it a real one?


peel4Check out the “official” Ripley’s video below.
They talk about how rare it is and how it gets great gas milage but that “this one is electric”.

I am pretty sure this car is a replica that was built for a TV show last year
(no, not the blue one that was on Top Gear)

another film crew “needed” one that could be driven indoors and the original 2-stroke motor threw out too much smoke, making it electric drive solved that problem. I am waiting for confirmation from the person that provided the car before posting my speculations but I am pretty sure this is the car they used.

Update: the car was purpose-built for Ripleys Museum.

Winter Snow Microcar Guessing Game

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

click image for larger version for inspection...look closely!

3 Microcars covered in fluffy snow circa 1968

Can you ID them all?

A PRIZE OF GOLD featuring Messerschmitt KR175

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

“A Prize of Gold” starring Richard Widmark was released in October of 1955
He manages to get his Jeep stolen and has to rent a Messerschmitt KR175
to get around post WWII Germany.

This film has never been released on VHS or DVD that I can find, but it does very occasionally pop up on TV, on the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) channel on Cable. Horray for TIVO. It found this and automatically recorded it for me.

Here are ALL the segments that feature the KR175 driving around.
What “Roman Holiday” was for the Vespa, this film was for the Messerschmitt.
Watch how he handles opening and closing the canopy *OUCH*!

Also- listen for his references to the KR175:
“I’ve got a car here …well, its sort of a car”, “We’re really too young to die like this” and “OK, more thrill rides!”

I have no more anecdotes about this, if you spot something worth noting,
please leave a comment below.

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