A PRIZE OF GOLD featuring Messerschmitt KR175

“A Prize of Gold” starring Richard Widmark was released in October of 1955
He manages to get his Jeep stolen and has to rent a Messerschmitt KR175
to get around post WWII Germany.

This film has never been released on VHS or DVD that I can find, but it does very occasionally pop up on TV, on the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) channel on Cable. Horray for TIVO. It found this and automatically recorded it for me.

Here are ALL the segments that feature the KR175 driving around.
What “Roman Holiday” was for the Vespa, this film was for the Messerschmitt.
Watch how he handles opening and closing the canopy *OUCH*!

Also- listen for his references to the KR175:
“I’ve got a car here …well, its sort of a car”, “We’re really too young to die like this” and “OK, more thrill rides!”

I have no more anecdotes about this, if you spot something worth noting,
please leave a comment below.


5 Responses to “A PRIZE OF GOLD featuring Messerschmitt KR175”

  1. Marcus de Mowbray Says:

    Great clip! I have seen an advertising poster based on this film, but thought the film itself was long gone. If anyone can do a DVD copy for me I would love it, and pay! I have the famous films featuring a Heinkel, I’m Alright, Jack, Double Bunk and Blue Murder at St Trinians

  2. buy mesos Says:

    Interesting site, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence ­čÖé

  3. Nicole Says:

    Hi there, would also LOVE a copy of this (again will also pay) as my mom is in this movie playing “Lisa” ­čÖé

  4. Monika (Lisa) Says:

    oh look at that, my name is even in the credits, wow. Would be fantastic to have a copy of this movie, I only saw it once.

  5. jimbill Says:

    Libving in Leytonstone at the time, I bought a KR175 from the sole dealer in (I think) South Norwood in December 1954. Shortly afterwards I got a call from the dealer asking me to take part in a Messerschmitt parade in Central London to publicise a new film – “Prize of Gold”. Each vehicle was to carry a ‘glamorous model’ in the back. So on 17 February 1955 (not as stated elsewhere) a cavalcade of us Messerschmitt owners cruised around Mayfair. I told my wife later that she had nothing to worry about; my model had a spotty back! We ended up at Leicester Square Odeon and having ditched our cargo got free entrance to the film. Before the screening, a well-known singer called Joan Reagan sang a song called “Prize of Gold”.
    Later each driver was introduced to Willi Messerschmitt himself who shook hands with each of us.
    Quite an occasion!

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