Winter Snow Microcar Guessing Game


click image for larger version for inspection...look closely!

3 Microcars covered in fluffy snow circa 1968

Can you ID them all?

5 Responses to “Winter Snow Microcar Guessing Game”

  1. Mike Says:

    from left to right) Isetta, Zagato Elcar, Fiat 500…

  2. Mark Nelson Says:

    Looks to me like (L to R) Isetta, BMW 600, and a Fuldamobil (from the low position of the headlights on the fenders), but the badge looks like a BMW also, and I’m sure it’s not a 700.

  3. Jim J Says:

    well, BMW did not make a Fuldamobil and if it has a BMW badge on it, chances are it is a BMW.
    I vote BMW 700 for the one on the right.

    and based on the shape and the BUMPERS, I agree that Left to Right it is Isetta, BMW 600 and BMW 700

    The 18″ of snow on the cars really throws off the shapes of what is underneath.
    The license plate on the American car on the left is from Colorado, so this is not a European photo.

  4. steve george Otisco NY Says:

    ok left to right Isetta 300, 600, and Izard.. BTW the car in the far right a bull nose SAAB..

    look closely at the bumpers the second looks like a 600 (isetta) a bit longer, the first Isetta (i had mine in the snow once and it look the same. the last looks like the Izard.. European def.. .

    6 more weeks of winter… I cant wait..

  5. Jim J Says:

    “..BTW the car in the far right a bull nose SAAB..”

    a Saab with a BMW badge on the front?

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