Microcars at MicroSouth on My Classic Car TV show

logoDennis Gage and his film crew were at MICROSOUTH 2008 last year to film an entire episode.

That show is finally on the air on Speed Channel or SpeedTV.

You can see an excerpt from the show HERE.

Otherwise, look for it on Speed Channel. (the entire episode is not available for download at this time and the DVD for 2009 season probably will not come out until the 2010 season starts.)

Also- dates for MicroSouth 2010 are not yet available, so if that is what you are looking for, please check the MEETS page at Microcar.org for updates and information as it becomes available.

One Response to “Microcars at MicroSouth on My Classic Car TV show”

  1. berte' giuseppe Says:

    they have a microcar charles mochet 125 y should restore it but I have photographs that I can help.
    you could give me some indication valid.
    saluti giuseppe berte’
    via v. d’annibale of 18
    80129 napoli naples italy

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