Microcars at the 2009 Atlanta Auto Show


27 Vintage Microcars from the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum are on display in a 9000 square foot area of the Atlanta Auto Show at the World Congress Center.
(also present are new cars from Toyota, Mercedes etc….meh, who cares about those?)


The Club was there this weekend to chat up Microcars with people, look! they put us right next to Mercedes!

Most often repeated question: “Are these things street legal”?

Best comment so far: “Are these the first cars ever made?”

The show is open to the public and runs through Sunday March 22.
More info: www.ajcautoshow.com

Here is a short video that just appeared on GOOD DAY ATLANTA:


5 Responses to “Microcars at the 2009 Atlanta Auto Show”

  1. Mark Nelson Says:

    Oh, does that ever look like fun! A big beautiful display for our hobby. Great interview clip too; it should encourage many people to come to see the cars at the show.

  2. Dave Smith Says:

    That looks great. I really need to make it to Georgia to tour the museum.

  3. Gene Schmidt Says:

    I sat in on the exhibit Tuesday, thinking it’d be for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and then it was almost closing. The exhibit was crowded the entire time, never less than a dozen people even around supper time. The offsets in the display was great to maximize the perimeter and allowed people to get pretty close to the cars. Only incursions were when little kids went under the rail. I kept an eye out, none were grabby, just dazzled. Met quite a few people claiming to have owned them when new, a number of them foreign raised. Even had several manufacturer reps come over to discuss them, the Mercedes rep said his parents had a “bubblecar” in England and always wondered what it was. We narrowed it down to a Heinkel/Trojan, though not sure about story of 5th person sitting in sunroof area. Most requests were for information on the museum. I have downloaded info from the website and will drop off some copies today, since otherwise I’d have to pull out the Vintage MicroCar News, and I’d run out if everyone started taking copies. If left on the rack, the issues disappeared in an instant. I gave copies to VERY interested prospects, hopefully some new club members will be the result. Best draw was a local artist that spent most of his day creating watercolors of several of the cars. He said he was local and likes to go to car shows to sketch show cars, but couldn’t seem to get past the micros. Much of the work was quite skilled.

  4. Mark Says:

    What a refreshing exibit, the cars look fantastic!

  5. Doug Wilson Says:

    Where can I buy one of these? I live in Pa.

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