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Another “World’s Smallest Car” attempt

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

This amazing one-off creation by Perry Watkins of the UK takes a quad bike and some sort of toy version of Postman Pat’s Van and makes a driveable vehicle that Perry can barely fit into. Watching it on the road is just hilarious.

Perry says “Watch out Peel P50” as he thinks it should now qualify as “World’s Smallest Car” but I am pretty sure the Guiness Book of World Records classifies the P50 as “world’s smallest *Production* Car. Also, I think the thing has to be able to be registered and licensed for road use. None the less, it is an impressive achievement, it is about HALF the size of a Peel P50!

note: sometimes this video will not work for people viewing OUTSIDE the UK. sorry, don’t complain here, it is the BBC…

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