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Weird Yellow Pages Ad with ISO Isetta

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

A French Yellow Pages ad with what appears to be an Italian SPANISH-built ISO Isetta driving around!
great footage and the car is a featured player, not just background.
(thanks to John Malcolm for digging this up…)

5th Annual GPNW Microcar Extravaganza

Sunday, June 21st, 2009
Front Page News!

Front Page News!

This years GPNW Microcar Extravaganza was huge fun. It is hard to believe two weeks have passed since the big event. The weather held out for the better, and 48 Micro-Mini cars attended. I want to personally thank everyone for coming and making it happen. This years multi-day event held at the McMenimans Grand Lodge hotel provided an elegant back drop for all the unique little cars, and great fun for the guests who stayed.

The Forest Grove News-Times did an article: Click Here

All the dramatic pictures can be found in the album Here

posted by your Host: Mark Hatten

Microcars as a “Trend” in the SKY!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
from May issue of SKY magazine

from May issue of SKY magazine

If you were flying Delta in the last month and happened to browse through the May issue of “SKY” magazine in the seat pocket in front of you, you may have found this little trend-watch comparison chart on…Microcars!
Who would have thunk it? Microcars are trendy now and worth watching?

Listed from smallest to largest :

  • Smart ForTwo 106″
  • BMW Isetta 112″
  • “new” Fiat 500 117″
  • Toyota IQ 117.5″
  • TATA Nano 122″
  • BMW MINI 145″

yeah, many are just small cars, but apparently any modern small car is a microcar according to the media…at least they stuck an Isetta in there for reference. click the pic to see it larger if you want

Micros In Madison 2009

Sunday, June 7th, 2009


Micros In Madison 2009 and The National Meet of The Vintage Microcar Club is over.

A bit o’rain did not seem to make any difference, when it rained, people just went under numerous canopies or in the barn and continued until it stopped. The only thing dampened by the rain were the late night campfires.

415 people Registered
96 Microcars Registered (that showed up)
25 smarts of all variety Registered (that showed up)

Winners of People’s Choice awards include:
“smartest”: Sue Shelton of GA
“smartest guy in the room”: Leonard Ingle for his 2002 smart “glider
3rd place Microcar: Kerry & Linda Erendson’s 1965 Scootacar MK II
2nd place Microcar: Burt Richmond’s 1956 Fiat Abarth Zagato Double Bubble coupe
1st place Microcar: Wayne Parrish’s 1956 King Midget III Prototype
Best of Show: Buster Tankersly’s 1949 Bantam

"smartest" (voted 1st place smart class)

"smartest" (voted 1st place smart class)

3rd Place Microcar Class

3rd Place Microcar Class

2nd place Microcar class

2nd place Microcar class

1st Place Microcar class

1st Place Microcar class

Best Of Show

Best Of Show

Some people have uploaded photos, you can see Flickr sets from Cecil Clontz and TL Spangler
as well as a set from Arnie & Lena Press

a more detailed report in the next print issue of MICROCAR NEWS magazine!

Isetta in Car & Driver magazine

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

cardriver cardriverisetta
The current issue of CAR & DRIVER magazine has a small “featurette” about Chuck Miller’s Isetta cabrio that he refurbished with a Taxi motif.

Not much more to it than that. A pic of Chuck, the car and how he got it for $1500 13 years ago from someone.

Does anyone from the Boston New Boston MI area ever see this car driving around? I’ve certainly never seen it at Gould’s in all the years I have been there.because he is not in Boston MA!
(duh!  thanks to JW for actually reading the featurette and making the correction)

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