Isetta in Car & Driver magazine

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The current issue of CAR & DRIVER magazine has a small “featurette” about Chuck Miller’s Isetta cabrio that he refurbished with a Taxi motif.

Not much more to it than that. A pic of Chuck, the car and how he got it for $1500 13 years ago from someone.

Does anyone from the Boston New Boston MI area ever see this car driving around? I’ve certainly never seen it at Gould’s in all the years I have been there.because he is not in Boston MA!
(duh!  thanks to JW for actually reading the featurette and making the correction)

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One Response to “Isetta in Car & Driver magazine”

  1. JW Says:

    Why Gould’s? He is from MI. in New Boston – not Boston, Ma. Tuff getting old. He just did this car recently so it wouldn’t have been out much.

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