Microcars as a “Trend” in the SKY!

from May issue of SKY magazine

from May issue of SKY magazine

If you were flying Delta in the last month and happened to browse through the May issue of “SKY” magazine in the seat pocket in front of you, you may have found this little trend-watch comparison chart on…Microcars!
Who would have thunk it? Microcars are trendy now and worth watching?

Listed from smallest to largest :

  • Smart ForTwo 106″
  • BMW Isetta 112″
  • “new” Fiat 500 117″
  • Toyota IQ 117.5″
  • TATA Nano 122″
  • BMW MINI 145″

yeah, many are just small cars, but apparently any modern small car is a microcar according to the media…at least they stuck an Isetta in there for reference. click the pic to see it larger if you want

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One Response to “Microcars as a “Trend” in the SKY!”

  1. John M Says:

    I wonder where they got the oversized Isetta from? At 112″ it must be the long wheel base model I’ve never seen. My smart is longer than any of my Isettas!

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