3-wheel Mystery Cushman (?)

well, what is it really?

well, what is it really?

“Jane” recently bought this three wheel car in Los Angeles and has been unable to find out any information on it. It has a Cushman motor. It has a sticker on the front bumper that says Explorer Driving-Safe Road Rally. That is apparently associated with the Boy Scouts. However she was unable to find any information on the cars used for the rally.

Is this a real Cushman? Or is it some sort of Home-built vehicle?

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3 Responses to “3-wheel Mystery Cushman (?)”

  1. Rich Carroll Says:

    The Explorer Driving Safe Road Rally was a competition program for Explorer Scouts in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Local Scout enthusiasts who had some experience in Time-Speed-Distance rallies were recruited to set up a local rally for Explorer Scouts. Local winners were given a stipend to go to the National Rally in the Detroit area. in the Detroit competition, all entries were lent a car by Lincoln-Mercury, and Explorers competed for college scholarships from Lincoln Mercury. The national program was put together by Bill Braun, one of the most talented ralliests, and genuinely funny people I have ever known. I still keep in touch with several of the Explorer Scouts who were winners in the Illinois rally.

  2. BT Says:

    it looks like a carnival car set on a three wheel cushman. never have seen anything like it.

  3. Frank Says:

    Not sure what it is but I would be interested in buying it if it is for sale.

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