HMV Freeway Reunion 2009 Plainfield IL

Jim Rostis hosted the 30th Anniversary Reunion for HMV Freeway Enthusiasts in Plainfield IL.

The Freeway is an American-made Microcar built in Minnesota from 1979 to about 1981.
16 cars showed up from all over, the furthest coming from California and one came from Canada.
more photos HERE

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4 Responses to “HMV Freeway Reunion 2009 Plainfield IL”

  1. Raymond Harris Says:

    I have a 1980 Freeway in very good condtion. It has 13,500 miles on it. I’m asking $5,000 for it. 515 971-9577 (Iowa).

  2. SamBlob Says:

    The Wikipedia article on the HMV Free-Way does not have a photograph of one.

    If you have taken a photo of a Free-Way and you don’t mind releasing it for use under one of these licences: to Wikimedia Commons or English Wikipedia under this declaration of consent: , we would gladly accept it. I apologize for all the legalese, but if we use your photo it will be necessary for us to prove that we have not stolen it.

    Ideally we would want a front 3/4 shot, but any clear photo will do.

    I thank you for your time and consideration and apologize if I have caused any offence.

  3. Ashish manglani Says:

    can get dimension of your chasis and what specification you have used.

  4. Paul Saulnier Says:

    Can you tell me how to buy a replacement Walbro fuel pump for the 450E motor?

    Thank you.

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