Isettas and more for sale at Kruse Auburn 2009 auction

Bunch of Microcars up for auction over Labor Day Weekend in Auburn IN at

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1481 1484 3037

The online catalog is not particularly easy to navigate through, but you can get an idea of at least which DAY each car will be auctioned. Plus there the official “catalogue” shows a few more cars than appear on the website, don’t know if this is because they will not actually be there or if it was just a mistake.
For example there are at least 3 Berkeleys listed in the catalogue , but only one appears on the website.
A BMW 600 “with RARE back seat!” is also in the catalogue but nowhere to be found on the website.

Maybe they just have to take some more time to update the website, because that is the only place you are going to find out when the car YOU want will be auctioned off.
Monday is when a number of cars and motorcycles from the estate of David Manthey will be auctioned off.

Here is a list of cars and their lot numbers and the days they will supposedly be auctioned:

Thursday September 3
Lot 326 King Midget
plus a collection of 15-20 Crosleys.

Saturday September 5
Lot 713 BMW Isetta 3-wheel (? not listed on the website anywhere)
Lot 2801 1959 Vespa 400
Lot 2841 1969 Autobianchi Bianchina

Sunday September 6
Lot 1241 BMW 600
Lot 3037 1966 Citroen 2CV that appeared in “The Spy Who Shagged Me”

Monday September 7
Lot 1479 1956 BMW Isetta Bubble Window cabrio
Lot 1480 1958 BMW Isetta Sliding Window cabrio
Lot 1481 Reliant Robin
Lot 1482 1967 Velorex
Lot 1484 Reliant Regal
Lot 1485 Berkeley plus 2 more on the same day it appears, but not listed…

UPDATE: Just received this alert to some troubles that KRUSE appears to be having paying sellers:
Lots of other links to news stories in that thread for clarification.
KRUSE also has a “F” rating in Indiana according to the Better Business Bureau
(thanks to Philip Jamison for the heads up!)

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4 Responses to “Isettas and more for sale at Kruse Auburn 2009 auction”

  1. Charles Says:

    Does it bother anyone else to hear Kruse actually state that the February sellers should be paid right after Kruse’s Labor Day sale is completed. Does this not sound like a perfect Ponzi scheme where the later sales are used to pay the earlier outstanding debts, as in “borrowing (or stealing) from Peter to pay Paul”?
    I can’t believe that he actually said that to the law enforcement officials investigating these claims.
    He also talks about Kruse receivables rising to 6.5 million dollars “from collector car house customers”.
    Would you let a collector car company take your car without paying first?
    How can they have 6.5 million in receivables from an auction that occurred over six months ago, and who in their right mind would advance that kind of money to a car dealership (especially a collector car dealership) in the current economic climate?
    Wow, that would be very scary of you were doing business with them and heard this news.

  2. Jim Says:

    I just heard from someone who has at least one car at this upcoming auction that KRUSE has apparently changed the way the sales work so that the buyer actually directly pays the seller without Kruse being inbetween. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. How this fits in with their plan of paying off the February bills is not known.
    From some of the stories going around it does not appear that Kruse cares about the contracts they make you sign, one dealer/seller has said that despite a contract that says they would be paid in no more than 30 days, there was an “unwritten” contract that all the dealers knew about that Kruse would not pay them for up to 90 days.
    This is also a classic manipulative move, isolate people and tell them “everyone else is doing it so just play along”. No one wants to rock the boat so they get away with it. Until now.
    Also- the same source has said that Kruse is out the 6.5 million because of one or two high dollar buyers who purchased a large number of vehicles have now refused to pay from February for some reason.
    And yes, it does all sound like a Ponzi scheme.

  3. George Says:

    A friend here wants to bid for one of the cars.

    If he pays for it, do you think he will be able to get it delivered or released to him?

    These are uncertain times we live in.

  4. Jim Says:

    The past “problem” seems to be Kruse not releasing money to SELLERS, not the Buyers not receiving cars.

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