Spare Parts Collections Lawsuit!

We last wrote about Spare Parts Collections in the letters section of Microcar News Issue #3 2008

Since then we have heard a smattering of other stories from people about their experiences with this “company” in Uruguay.
They have a nice website and a nice eBay page as seller : SPAREPARTSCOLLECTIONS
Attempts to get any comments from Martin Corbo or anyone else regarding the complaints we had been receiving were met with very defensive and hostile email responses that among other things claimed

“in every case we have resolved the issue even if it would involve compensation to the client for the inconveniences (that is another of our policies, for your record).”

At the time, this was counter to what I was hearing from The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum which has apparently now filed a lawsuit against Martin Corbo, Fabian Scavone and Plinio Gani, who all represent SPARE PARTS COLLECTIONS.
I guess they have some “unresolved” issues….

The lawsuit was filed on July 13 2009 and other than being about Breach of Contract, details will probably have to remain under wraps until a judgement is rendered.

We do have a bit more background on Spare Parts Collections and eBay but are waiting permission from the source to post that info. (see below) Meanwhile, if you have anything to add, please do so in the comments section but bear in mind that just because you received something after you paid for it does not mean they treat everyone the same way. One person who finally (after a year) received a missing part he was promised for an Isetta he bought from them had to post a public forum message saying that he had finally received the part and:

“…I agreed that no further claims will be received from me to them or any other person acting in my behalf.”

Sounds like they provided the part only if he promised to stop complaining and they appear to have provided the wording he should use as well! Caveat Emptor!

Additional background info from someone who contacted us regarding this in the first place:

I was looking for Martin Corbo on the internet and found that you started a lawsuit against him, Fabian Scavone and Plinio Gani.
I wish you all the best!
These people are selling on Ebay and I am writting to you with the hope that you will report them, specially Martin Corbo who has had several encounters with the police force in Uruguay
These sellers used to trade as “BlueAntiguedades” and
“Worldcupcollections”. Both accounts were suspended and now they are trading as sparepartscollections on ebay Motors.
These people are known for selling stolen property, using Ebay to capture clients, breaching contracts and now I see you are the latest victims.
I would like to know, if possible, if you could me if this lawsuit will have any effect on them since they live in Uruguay?
I ask you to please keep my email details private.

Please Note: these people are in NO WAY connected to Captain Leonardo Luna aka: ISETTACLASSICS who also runs an Isetta spares business part time out of Uruguay.


UPDATE August 3 2011: Bruce Weiner has received a judgement against Martin Corbo et. al. (aka Spare Parts Collections) and is seizing assets.  Read more HERE

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18 Responses to “Spare Parts Collections Lawsuit!”

  1. Anon***** Says:

    Martin Corbo’ strategy is quite simple:
    His father owns an auction house in Montevideo, “Remates Corbo”. He used to use the name of the house to buy and sell by saying “I have this pedigree…”etc. “No one will pay better prices (when buying) than me”. ” You can check our Auction House (When selling)”. I don’t know if he still does this. He then opens an Ebay account and builds a website for ebay people to look at. He puts cheap and expensive items on Ebay. The first two or three transactions will work well. (Usually cheaper stuff) People ususally spend only some hundreds on ebay .He gets good feedback, then people look at the website and start placing orders. If he breaches contracts, he will threaten the client. His main source for getting clients is Ebay.
    He was selling collectables and antiques under the name of “BlueAntiguedades” and that account was cancelled. He then moved to selling football memorabilia and Fabian Scavone, who is an old friend of his and an architect, joined him and they opened and new Ebay account and a website called “Worldcupcollections”. That ebay account was also closed propably for breach of contract, as usual. The website is still running.
    He opened a new website with Scavone and started selling on ebay and repeating the same pattern.
    He get credit cards numbers from friends or family to open ebay accounts. He asks friends to bid or leave feedback for him when he starts.
    Obviously Plinio Gani, a doctor and mate of Corbo and Scavone has now joined.
    Other strategy of Corbo is taking pics of items he hasn’t actually bought. If the item is very expensive, he would take a pic of the object, sell it and then collect it. Sometimes he asks for a deposit from the client which he uses to buy the item. Because he pays peanuts for the items, sometimes the things are sold to better dealers and then he has to deal with an item he’s sold but that he doesn’t have. He has an awful reputation amongst antique dealers and that is why they stopped selling to him. This is one of the reasons why he had to move from selling antiques to football memorabilia and now cars. I would strongly recommend you to write a letter to the newspaper “El Pais”. That’s the paper where people advertise buying and sellling vintage things.
    Now he is getting clients through blogs. I have only been able to find him in a German blog.
    He is a very tall big guy and can be very intimidating. That is why people avoid fights with him although he has ended in police stations because of fights related to unpaid goods.As far as I know he’s never been jailed. He can also be very charming and he uses this. He uses his family connections very much.

    Remates Corbo Auction house with picture of Martin Corbo:

    El Pais newspaper:

  2. Darryl Says:

    I think you are mistaken on the ebay names, the “BlueAntiguedades” name was just “merged” with SparePartsCollection account (that is what it say), so it was not cancelled.
    Also- the “Worldcupcollections” ebay name does not appear to be cancelled, just not active.
    If it was cancelled or suspended by ebay it would say “not a registered user” next to the name.

    still, interested to see how this plays out.

  3. lil Says:

    Last time I checked on Ebay (A while ago), it appeared as if they were not registered users. Maybe they had just been suspended.
    Has anyone ever wondered why is it so hard to find info on who owns or runs SparePartsCollection? Nothing on their website or anywhere else. Crooks try to hide their names!

  4. Joaco Says:

    Martin Corbo es un sirvenguenza que ha estafado a medio pueblo. Ya era hora de que alguien tomara acciones. Como es posible que siga haciendo negocios a nivel internacional?
    Quizas con el internet las cosas cambien! Yo tambien espero ver como se resulelve este asunto. Se ve que tanto Plinio Gani como Fabian Scavone son buenos discipulos!

  5. Jim Says:

    Who owns or runs SparePartsCollections?
    Well, according to the email signature on one of the emails that Martin Corbo sent me, HE is the “director and owner”:

    martin corbo signature

  6. lil Says:


    You will only find out who runs the company if your email shows interest in buying goods from him and there is some sort of profit involved. Otherwise, there’s no way of finding out who runs this thing. Where you able to get any more contact info from him?

  7. Jim Says:

    here is an interesting link:

  8. Jim Says:

    also- I have email records showing that someone was specified to make payment NOT to Spare Parts Collections, but to an individual. (Guess who!) This would suggest and is supported by other information that I am privy to that “Spare Parts Collections” is not an actual corporation as we might know it in the USA.
    It is simply Martin Corbo and friends doing business as Spare Parts Collections.

    If that is the case, you will not ever find out who “owns” the company as there is not really a company.

    Otherwise that above link would show shipment FROM Spare Parts Collections and not FROM an individual.
    The individual is then responsible for all the actions and that is most likely why the 3 are being sued and no mention is actually made of suing “Spare Parts Collections”.

  9. dan Says:

    Jim you are right! That’s the way they operate. There are no “real companies” behind these people. How can I find out if suing them from the States will have any effect on them?
    I am one of Martin Corbo’s victims. Trusted him and gave him a big ammount of money Never saw the money nor the goods. Only received threats. Was never able to find of his whereabouts until now.

  10. lil Says:

    You can see comments on Spare parts collections, Martin Corbo on Twitter

  11. Jim Says:

    uh, that Twitter thing just links back here.

  12. corbostolefromme Says:

    Back in the late 90’s early 2000 I started buying football memorabilia from Martin Corbo on Ebay. He then contacted me offering me goods outside Ebay. I would send the money, get the goods, no probs. I was also doing business with other dealers so decided to visit Montevideo. Every single dealer I met warned me about him. I asked Corbo why people hated him so much and he convinced me it had to do with dealers being so competitive in such a small city. I should’ve listened! He had taken me to places, posh restaurants, to the father’s auction house where I even met his family. I visited his home in the old part of town.
    Since he had always complied I decided not to listen to what I considered were gossips.
    About 6 months later we met in France and he offered me some items I was very interested in. He only has pics of the goods. He said he didn’t have them with him because they had been offered to him the day before he was leaving to visit Europe. He asked me for a couple of grands in advance so he could purchase the goods. Because “I was his friend now” he was only going to charge me a 5% comission over the transaction.
    I gave him the money cash in hand. Why was I going to have problems? He was a well educated guy who had an auction house to back him up. He gave me a receipt and he was going to contact me as soon as he was back in Montevideo. Weeks passed by….I emailed him and got no replies. I phoned him and only got an answering machine. After a month of freaking out, I called the father’s auction house and I was told not to call there again. After 2 months of emails and phone calls I got a very threatening email from him saying that he had powerful connections in Uruguay and was I ever to turn up there I would end up with broken legs.
    A uruguayan friend offered to intervene and went to vist him in the house he rented and where he lived when we met. No one lived there. My friend found the property’s owner who was suing Corbo for unpaid rent and property damage. The owner had a new address for Corbo in an area called Pocitos. He went there and no one answered. It was a building so he managed to find the administrator who told him Corbo had lived there and that the flat was owned by a French guy who lived in Paris. Same old story: He had left without paying the rent for months, damaged the property and had left thousands of dollars worth of unpaid phone bills. The changing properties and leaving them damaged and with unpaid bills seemed to be another pattern.
    I decided to leave it there. There wasn’t much I could do living abroad. It had been my mistake to trust him but if someone is spending thousands in lawsuits I would add a few bucks to the bill and have him investigated in Uruguay. I am sure it will be dead easy to come up with a huge list of witnesses that will be willing to testify that this guy is a professional crook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rick Says:

    I just received some of many parts I have purchased from Spare Parts Collections since July. There have been problems along the way such as damage during shipment, but they have always acted in my best interest. I have dealt only with Mr. Gani but he has always followed through on his promises. The quality of the products I’ve received have been as advertised as well. Sometimes the prices are high but it’s not like heading to the local parts store, these are things I can’t get anywhere else.

  14. lil Says:

    I just found an article published in the newspaper “La Republica” of Uruguay. The article says that The AUF, Uruguayan Football Association , is seeking administrative/legal actions against Martin Corbo and Fabian Scavone for illegally using images from the archives of the Association when they published a book under another company they ran called WorldCup Collections.

    Article is here in spanish:

    Extract from article:

    La Asociación Uruguaya de Fútbol y la Comisión Administradora de Field Oficial (CAFO), emitieron un comunicado en la víspera, reservándose los derechos de tomar medidas administrativas y/o judiciales, por la explotación de imágenes de su acervo, que aparecerán en una publicación que será lanzada al mercado el próximo viernes, en una ceremonia en la cual se anunció la presencia del presidente de la República Dr. Jorge Batlle.

    Fabián Schavone, Raúl Hodara Hazán y Martín Corbo Sentubery, fueron autorizados por CAFO para realizar un inventario del Museo del Fútbol de la AUF, pero nunca entregaron el mismo al órgano competente.

    Sorprendidos en su buena fe, las autoridades de la AUF y CAFO se enteraron, por Internet, del lanzamiento de la reedición del Catálogo del Primer Campeonato Mundial de Fútbol y publicación de un libro que fue confeccionado con abundante material fotográfico de elementos que componen el acervo del Museo del Fútbol, también vinculados al torneo disputado en nuestro país en 1930.

    Tanto la AUF como CAFO no autorizaron la utilización comercial de bienes que si bien podrían haber ingresado al dominio público, por imperio de la Ley 9.379 del 17 de diciembre de 1937 y la Convención de Berna — según acta de París, los mismos son de propiedad de la Asociación que los ha conservado, custodiado y exhibido, en cumplimiento de sus fines estatutarios de difusión del fútbol.

  15. yorugua Says:

    Dears I need to contact Mr Corbo, my father was one of its victims and i would like to honour the memory of my father. unfortunately I have read yours comments at 2010. If any of you wants to ask for justice against this person please let me know.

  16. Patrick Bulmer, Court Appointed Receiver Says:






    MARTIN CORBO; FABIAN SCAVONE; AND PLINIO GANI, each individually and d/b/a SPARE PARTS COLLECTIONS; and DOES 1 through 5, inclusive,


    Case No.: 11-MC-0279

    Domain Name For Sale

    By order of the Court in the above-entitled action, the domain name titled to defendant FABIAN SCAVONE has been ordered sold with the proceeds of the sale to be applied toward satisfaction of the judgment entered in this action.

    Please contact Patrick Bulmer, Court Appointed Receiver at for bidding information or check back for details to be added in the near future. The auction on this domain name is scheduled to commence on or about August 31, 2011.

    Contact Information

    Patrick Bulmer
    California Receivership Services
    P.O. Box 5128
    Oroville, CA 95966

    Phone: (530) 370-6651
    Fax: (800) 543-3303

  17. victim Says:

    Martin Corbo from Spare parts collections, who steals money from people, has opened another business:
    Spare Parts list! Is one of the HA! His company is called Art Factory

    Martin Corbo Sentubery : YOu and your father Eduardo Corbo are liars!

  18. Woow Says:

    The new company is called ArtFactory, Mr Corbo cell phone is 0059897017682 good luck for all of you, this guy must be in jail.

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