Interior Kits for Messerschmitt KR175, KR200

One of Nick Poll's new Interior Kits

One of Nick Poll's new Interior Kits

Nick Poll in France has been making new interior upholstery sets for Messerschmitt KR175, KR200 and KR201 and TG500 for many years. He has been listing them on eBay but now has a website just for them.

The interior sets look exactly like the original used in the early days. He makes them in red, black, blue, cream or in any colour of your choice. Snakeskin costs €30 extra.

check out his site: InsideMesserchmitts


4 Responses to “Interior Kits for Messerschmitt KR175, KR200”

  1. Jos de Roeck Says:

    Hello Nick and Ant


    Het lijkt mij leuk als we weer eens contact met elkaar zouden krijgen.
    Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe het met jullie gaat
    Als jij dit ook wilt, mail mij dan even

    Alvast tot mails

    Jos de Roeck

  2. claudio miro Says:

    Hi Paul i have a 1956 kr200 two tone red and black will like to get the complete interior can you help me decide the best color to be as original as possible my tel number 305 992 4392 i had left you a message about a week ago but have not received an answer thank you Claudio

  3. Brian Rezmer Says:

    I am looking for an entire interior set for a 1956 KR200,the original colors were Red with cream colored piping on the edges. How much would a new interior cost in US dolars. Phone number is 757-898-1732


  4. Brian Rezmer Says:

    Nick, are you still making intreriors, and if so I am interested in a set for a KR200. If you get this message please respond to


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