The original title of this 1957 film starring Peter Sellers was “Your Past Is Showing” but for some reason they now call it “The Naked Truth”.  The credits also refer to it as “The Naked Truth” at the end as well (?)
Anyways -These are all the scenes from the movie with a British-built RHD BMW Isetta.

The driver of the Isetta is actually the “bad guy” who is trying to blackmail famous people into not printing their sordid tales in his gossip magazine: The Naked Truth.  If he could only afford an Isetta and has to live on an old boat, it would appear his blackmailing skills are not well honed.

Note in the first scene when the Isetta drives up to the camera with lights on and then turns them off, if you are watch in HQ you can see that the lighting crew quickly put some sort of diffusion material over the headlamps and did not trim it very well. It is quite obvious when the lamps are turned off.
Later scenes do not have the material on the headlamps.

Do you know any other films with Isettas or other Microcars in them?  leave info in the comments section and hopefully clips from the films will show up here in the future.

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2 Responses to “BMW Isetta in “THE NAKED TRUTH””

  1. Mark Hatten Says:

    long pipe leverage is useful to break into an Isetta. ??? If you ever get stuck in one, I guess this is what you do to get out. ha !

  2. Rob Says:

    I am sure there was an Isetta scene in one of the James Bond movies. Any one know which one it was? thanks.

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