MICROSOUTH 2010 March 26-28

Happy New Year!  Sue and I are happy to announce that we are ready to open registration to MicroSouth 2010!  We’ve gone a bit higher tech this year and have an online registration form, here is the link and password info:

*Link Removed as Event is over now*

For 2010 vehicle participation is being limited to nice original or restored vintage microcars (600cc or less) but we are extending an invitation to a few vintage scooters and scooterists to join us which should be fun!  Once your registration is confirmed you will get more specific info about the host hotel, location and activities as available.

We’ve ordered up perfect weather, have a fantastic venue lined up for Saturday and look forward to seeing each of you very soon!  Until then, Peace, Love & Microcars!

Billy & Sue Paul

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6 Responses to “MICROSOUTH 2010 March 26-28”

  1. Pete Berard Says:

    I found out about your meet on out Crosley Automobile Club site. I then attempted to inter for this year’s meet in Sanford Fl but notice you only allow cars of 600cc of less. This appears to leave we Crosley owners out as we are 748cc. We have intered & attended the one in Madison Ga. and were accepted. Will this rule be held firm at your meet? Or will thare be a rule change?
    Thank you

  2. Jim Says:

    Each meet is different and it is up to the host to make the rules.
    This is not a National Meet.

  3. chris smith Says:

    Is there an schedule of events? Thanks

  4. Ed Phillips Says:

    Will the public be allowed to view the cars or is this a closed event? If it is open to the public, is there a link you can share for information, time, etc.? Thank you.

  5. Cummins,odile Says:

    my sisterr lives in paris, she had a so called car it was a willam,a motobecanr motor,it went 10mph, she kept it at her beach house in Brittany but she only went there when the weather permitted, in the meantime she didi nott want to leave in her yard unattended so she parked it in her kitchen inside her house I have pictures of it,I think is comical. My sister is 85 the shell of the car still exists, the children broke the windows. If you want to see the pictures,you have my Email. I think itt is funny,I thought some of your followers might enjoy seeing it.

  6. Rick Says:

    I was watching a recent episode of “My Classic Car” that featured the 2010 Micro South Show in Florida. As the camera panned down the line of micro cars I noted one that was a stunning sports coupe, red, with a long fast-back roof having a large expanse of rear window glass. Can someone tell me what this car is? Thanks for any info..

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