Vintage Microcars at 2010 Montreal Auto Show

Apparently Vintage Microcars are a hit at Auto Shows (after the April 2009 NY Auto Show where we had 4 cars).

The Montreal Auto Show contacted us trying to get some Vintage Microcars for display at their show January 15-24 2010.
They were very insistent about having a Peel P50 in attendance so we hooked them up with Jeff Lane at The Lane Motor Museum.  Mario Palma Jr from the Toronto area also agreed to supply some vehicles and now they will have 8 models for the public to view over the course of the show:

1949 Rolux Baby – Mario Palma Jr.
1956 P.Vallee Chantecler – Mario Palma Jr.
1957 VELAM Isetta – Mario Palma Jr.
1958 FIAT Multipla – Mario Palma Jr.
1959 Frisky cabriolet – Mario Palma Jr.
1965 Peel P50 -Lane Motor Museum
1965 Peel Trident – Lane Motor Museum
1975 Mini Comtessa – Mario Palma Jr.
photos of the cars, but not really the show itself here:

update: Mario Palma Jr. just sent some photos from the show!

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