1959 Autobianchi Bianchina for sale – Craigslist PA

1959 Autobianchi Bianchina for sale $31,900
located in PA, but the ad is listed in GA (?)

if the link does not work, the listing has expired

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11 Responses to “1959 Autobianchi Bianchina for sale – Craigslist PA”

  1. burt richmond Says:

    as a fellow Autobianchi and Fiat 500 collector, could you let me know if you have access to any parts suppliers in Europe or the US for the Bianchina? your car look marvelous. if i had room for one more, i would seriously consider buying your, but we live in the center of chicago, so space is at a premium. many thanks for your help.
    Good luck, Burt

  2. admin Says:

    Burt, click the link to the ad to figure out how to contact the seller, you won’t reach the seller by posting a comment here!

  3. walter smith Says:

    You can get any part for 59 Bianchina at C.Obert & Co. phone 831 423 0218

  4. Marc Vogel Says:

    i have the exact same car for sale, same color, restored, with complete new floor panels. for sale in California. call 415 576-9007.

  5. Joe manarello Says:

    Please send pictures of bianchina were looking for clean driver and price please thanks. Joe

  6. bob hayes Says:

    i have a 1959 fiat bianchina for sale it runs great and looks great, my my brother has a 59 nuova needs lots of work.

  7. bob hayes Says:

    if interested call 1-417-230-6342

  8. mike doyle Says:

    I have a complete 1960 fiat bianchina texas car not rusty, needs restoration with correct title $9500 214 232 6827

  9. Dave Mullins Says:

    I have a 1958 Autobianchi Bainchina for sale. Could be restored easily. $2800. 731-427-7691.

  10. Tim J Says:

    This used to be my AB. Original California car with less than 2600 original miles on her when I owned her. I still have the history, papers and photos of when I restored her. I sold it to a Mr. Michael C. who was a wood worker and Chrysler enthusiast. He took it to PA and repainted it and removed the optional AB outer wheel embelishment. He neglected to pay me for the extra parts he had received and agreed to purchase.

  11. Jake Anderson Says:

    Hey Tim, Sorry to hear you got taken. I just bought a 59 special. Still trying to figure out what exactly it is. It looks identical to that one but has a black top, mirror on the fender, round front turn signals. I m doing a total restore on it. Looking for any help on parts or info. MRFIAT.COM is a wonderful source. Will be spending a lot of money there. Any body have info on them call me at 231-218-5325. Looking for others that need restoring also. Thanks

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