1959 Daihatsu Trimobile for sale – Craigslist CA

1959 Daihatsu Trimobile – $2900
located in Inland Empire CA

if the link does not work, the listing has expired

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10 Responses to “1959 Daihatsu Trimobile for sale – Craigslist CA”

  1. Scott Says:

    What’s the engine condition? Need a crank shaft.

  2. Raman Autar Says:

    Hi, do you have this Daihatsu Trimobile?


    Raman Autar

  3. Armando Says:

    Hi, I live in Costa Rica, I have Daihatus Trimobile 1964, Do you have parts?

    Best regard

  4. To all Says:

    truck is complete minus gas tank

  5. Jim for: Armando in Costa Rica Says:


    We are searching for a shop manual for this Daihatsu Trimobile…..do you or do you know where we may buy a shop manual for this car……at ANY price ??


    Jim in Dallas

  6. ARMANDO Says:

    Hello Jim, I have a manual of parts, not mecanic.

    Best regards


  7. rico Says:

    Hello Armando,

    Do you still have the parts manual?
    can you show some pages to my email (rico12410@yahoo.com)?


  8. HDriderTH Says:

    Is there any market for parts for trimobile? I have a box of new parts, cylinder, two heads, ctuches, spark plugs and assorted bearings cables Etc. hdriderth57@yahoo.com

  9. Paul Says:

    Help! Need trimobile parts. Thanks mangokpje@embarqmail.com

  10. Armando Says:

    Hello, i give my apologies for not, goin back to inform me, i was time out.

    I still have the manual. (acarvajalc@ice.go.cr)

    Best regards

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