1957 BMW Isetta for sale – Craigslist MI

1957 fire-damaged BMW Isetta – $2900
located in VASSAR MI

if the link does not work, the listing has expired

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7 Responses to “1957 BMW Isetta for sale – Craigslist MI”

  1. mc? Says:

    if i offer u $300 am wood that b a insult for this car?

  2. mc? Says:

    o sarry i just saw that other page i thot i was to low lol

  3. luis vega Says:

    le puedo ofrecer 1.000 dlls

  4. Fernando Says:

    Is the car steel for sale?

  5. cmo Says:

    if you are still selling the car contact me via email

  6. Scott lowry Says:

    I have a 1966 Renault I’m the
    second owner and I’ve had it
    in my garage and its not been
    Even rained on in the last six
    years. It’s in really good shape
    and I have a parts car to go with
    it. The car has 50,000 original
    miles on it. What kind of deal
    do you think we could come to?

  7. Andrea Says:

    Does it drive ?

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