1969 Subaru 360 Van for sale – Craigslist DC

1969 Subaru 360 Van $1250
located in Washington DC area

if the link does not work, the listing has expired

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7 Responses to “1969 Subaru 360 Van for sale – Craigslist DC”

  1. john oneill Says:

    is this van still 4sale

  2. ismael Says:

    still for sale? im also in the dc area.

  3. jerry Says:

    please call asap 718-231-2938 jerry or chris

  4. Bray Says:

    hey just wondering if the above van if still for sale?

  5. stewart Says:

    There is a pretty decent on for sale in Highland MI on Duck Lake rd just north of M59. Asking 6995.00

  6. Steven Says:

    Is the Subaru van available as of today 08-20-12


  7. Kate Says:

    I would really love to know if this is still for sale or even if it was sold… if i could contact the new owner.Please call me if possible T 814-341-6399. I live in the DC area.

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