Vintage Microcar Endurance/Race – June 2010

Microcar endurance/race in June.

Start from Bruce Weiner Museum in Madison Ga and travel south toward Fl. 24 hour event for microcars of less than 500cc and made before 1965. We will pick out a spot to drive to and back in one 24 hour period. I think we could probably drive about 900 miles. All miles will be on back roads and no Interstates used.

No pushing, hauling or pulling of the microcar during that 24 hours. You can have as many drivers as you want and also as many mechanics as you want. But the car must be driven. Chase vehicle is allowed to haul other drivers and supplies. You will be responsible for your own car.

Event will be open to everyone that has a car of less than 500cc and made before 1965. Car must have original type engine. That means you can have non matching serial numbers but it was the type and size engine that was originally in car.

For more info contact Larry Newberry  865 300-3599
or email

Exact date and time to be announced at a later date.

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