Messerschmitt Restorations by Nick Poll

Nick Poll lives in France.

That alone is very nice indeed but Nick also restores Messerschmitts for people in the UK (he is British after all…)
He has a website for his Messerschmitt Interiors (he is also the one that sells them on eBay in case you were wondering) and now he has a nice little website advertising his Messerschmitt Restoration Services.

Here's Nick. He is eating at the moment but he would rather be working on your Messerschmitt, so won't you visit his website and see what he is up to?

ah, that's better, back to work. not sure what he is doing maybe you should check his website out?

4 Responses to “Messerschmitt Restorations by Nick Poll”

  1. Joop & Fija Says:

    please contact us” Urgent”
    we are very weareyd

  2. Andrew Meynckens Says:

    Ik heb zoals beloofd (enkele maanden geleden) een link gemaakt op :

  3. Ole Morten Hansen Says:

    Can I order a complete cabriolet sett from you?

  4. ian Says:

    hi nick its ian ( roadster ) can you email your email having trouble contacting you

    regards ian

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