Peel P50 for sale

“Peel P50 for sale”

That is the top search term that keeps showing up day after day after day in the logs.
OK, well now you found something didn’t you?
Seriously people, do you think that current owners are just tired of them and looking to get rid of them?
If and when they sell, they sell privately.  And there is generally a broker involved. And there is also a good deal of time and effort invested in the deal.

After the P50 appeared on Top Gear there were gobs of people trying to find one to buy with such requests as
“I don’t need a restored one”, or “It doesn’t have to run, that’s OK”
and then people were astounded to find that there were not several to choose from for under $1000.
After all, they are small, so why would they possibly cost any money?

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museums bought a replica from Andy Carter in the UK and apparently liked the attention that a REPLICA created that they started making their own copies for all the branches of their “Museums”.  Of course much of the stuff in them is replicas to begin with so it sort of makes sense for that venue.

So. For those of you that have landed here looking for a Peel P50 for sale, what do you think is a fair price for a Peel P50?
And why should someone sell their P50 to YOU?  Are you worthy?

update June 23 2010: Oh Look!  There is one being sold HERE by a Dealer on German eBay Right Now!

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21 Responses to “Peel P50 for sale”

  1. Lloyd Cooper Says:

    Welllllllllllllllllllllllllll now; I think I’m worthy of such a machine. First, I live in Florida and it would be a wonderful enviroment for the Peel. Second, I’m 6 Foot, 2 In. tall and I think it would bring a lot of smiles to a lot of peoples faces to see me getting into and out of the Peel. Thrid, I’m a disabled Vet and could really use some very cheap transportation. Fourth, I’m a Micro car nut!!!!! I’d absolutely love to have a Peel!!!!!! I contacted Andy Carter and priced one of his repros……..a 7,000.oo price tag is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybeyond my wallet. Hope to hear from ya soon with good news on buying one.
    LLoyd Cooper
    Ocala, Fl.

  2. Mike rowave Says:

    I think this car worth about as much as a donkey pulling a cart even tho it’s awesome and I’d love to have 1 I refuse on paying 50000 dollars which is the asking price of the only 1 I’ve found but u can buy a replica for 2000 ish which is also insane It has 4 horsepower engine u can buy 1 for 50 bucks on eBay so I’ve taken it upon my self to make 1 using my old 5 horse power engine I’ve figured it out and it wont cost more than 300 dollars to make just build a make shift 1

  3. rex Says:

    i would love a peel p50.i don’t like small things so its perfect for grandson wants a peel p50 so bad,he never stops talking about it.he says that all he wants for christmas this year is a peel anybody out there with a heart,would you please sale me one for about 50 american dollars.please,i just want my grandson to get a peel p50 before i die.i’m 68 so i could die any me at teller143@gmail

  4. ferrari 458 Says:

    i bet a kid would be relly happy if i bought a peel p50 as a present

  5. James Says:

    the author of this article is a douche. I love people that get off by knowing something that others may not. from now on I will have to check here to make sure I can google something without it being deemed a waste of time by this cock knuckle. fuck you very much for clogging up my search for something that you think I cant find or afford.

  6. Roger Hirsh Says:

    I know of a P50 in a guy’s living room in Delaware.
    He bought it in the mid 1980’s. I tried to buy it from him 10 years ago but he wouldn’t sell it.
    He was in his mid-70’s at the time. I have his address someplace.

  7. dani stephany Says:

    This is the perfect car for me, I am 4′ 11″ tall, living on a fixed income, and still I have to work! Social Security is not what it should be! Anyway, I need this car…please…I have always wanted something that fits my personality and this is it! I take very good car of the 15 yr old car I now have and would give it to charity if I could afford the Peel P50? Thanks..

  8. Kitward24 Says:

    If anyOne thinks they can just get this car for 50 bucks they are just begging. No one could get one for 50 bucks for any reason, even if they were megan fox trying to save the world. And especy u rex. I dont give a damn jow d u are. U are making urself look like a complete dumbass for even thinking about getting one for that price. U might get one though if u add about three 0’s to ur fifty.

  9. Ccnati Says:

    Well, me and two of my friends want peels. One wants a trident because he is 6′ 4″ and weighs ~300 pounds. I don’t need a new one. I would actually prefer a kit that I could put together with my dad as would my friends. My two friends are 16 and I am 13 so I wouldn’t be able to drive it on the road yet but it would make a unique first car as well as get better mileage than the F150 pickup I will be getting otherwise.

  10. me Says:

    I would love a peel either a p50 or trident for 500 u.s. dollars and i need some cheap way of transportation and a peel sounds nice so my email is please reply.

  11. Manny Says:

    How much an original Peel 50 shall cost ?I am interested .

  12. Ric Says:

    im fat so it would be funny

  13. Jeremy Says:

    In reply to everyone asking about getting a peel for dirt cheap, simply doesn’t know about them as far as collectibility. I own a peel, it’s in rough shape, but is a work in progress. There’s no need to say they’re idiots or anything bro, that’s just rude. However, unfortunitally you won’t be able to find one for less than about $20,000 U.S.D because of their collectibility. It’s the smallest car in the world, and not a lot made, which adds up to massive collectibility. It’s kinda like how people will pay 1,000x face value or more for a “misprinted” coin. Because they are so rare, everyone wants one. I paid $25,000 for mine 6 years ago, but because of the economy being down, I’ve recently seen a few for around $15,000. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ! 🙁

  14. KR200 Says:

    Seen a few around for $15K? They only made 46 cars and perhaps 18 survive.

    You’ve seen the replicas I fear. They fetch that money.

    A real Peel be it P50 or Trident pretty much never comes on the market. Most are in the UK in private collections owned by dudes who’ve had them for years and will come up for sale when they croak.

    Budget £100k/$150K plus per machine for the REAL thing. Not some modern replica. They are Warhol’s or Picasso’s on three wheels. Demand hugely outstrips supply. Only the hi-end investment collectors are in the game now.

    Trouble is where do you find one?

  15. gabriela Says:

    i have a dream…
    and it was i looking around at my town by peel p50..
    but,i don’t have enough money to buy it..:(
    and i think,that no one in my country use this car..
    if i could buy it….i’ll so proud..
    i just wanna be different guys…

    *just tell

  16. james Says:

    saw one go for 200 dollers

  17. Josh Says:

    If anyone can find a p50 please email me at

  18. Matt Says:

    The Bruce weiner’s world-Famous microcar museum is closing for good and they are having an auction in Fedruary 2013 and he has a Peel P50 I think it is a 1964, in that collection will see what it goes for if they auction it off.

  19. CURTIS Says:

    You know we all would love to have one but look at the prices Heck why don’t we group together and start building them here in the USA ourselves. We will be able to have our own at a low cost and be able to open a manufacturing facility and sales office here.

  20. kyle Says:

    welllllllllllllll i think that i should get a peel p50 because there small and i can fit in to them, and I like antiques and this would be awsome to have. thats why i think that i should have a peel p50.

  21. bobby Says:

    does anyone have a really cheap peel p50 or one that needs restoring

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