Heinkel Kabine in DOUBLE BUNK

Scenes from the 1961 British comedy DOUBLE BUNK that only include the Heinkel Kabine.

This film has been out of print for many years and unavailable, now it can be found on Amazon or rented from Netflix! The quality is very good and the film is not bad either.
Does anyone know who owns/owned that Heinkel or where it is today?

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One Response to “Heinkel Kabine in DOUBLE BUNK”

  1. Captain Bubble Says:

    Great clips there, I now have the DVD. I like the first clip’s continuity problem: as Syd James shuts the door, a parked Citroen ID 11 suddenly appears in the background. The films “I’m Alright, Jack” and “Blue Murder at St Trinians” also have some good Heinkel shots in them.

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