Isetta breaks down on Route 66 – again?

Day 2 of Microcars on Route 66.  Caption for the pic says Isetta broke down again in Desert.
AGAIN? So it broke down earlier?  What specifically is wrong?
Oh well at least Greg (Isetta owner) will get to ride in a nice A/C equipped truck while they go through the desert.
You can follow them on their Facebook page HERE, or check back on this blog to see a daily recap.

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2 Responses to “Isetta breaks down on Route 66 – again?”

  1. jim Says:

    The Isetta has decided to only go 20mph top speed after running fine all day on Sunday.
    Any clues as to what could be wrong?
    No venting on the gas cap? (not if it ran fine all day on Sunday)
    Timing suddenly went kablooey?
    Blown Head Gasket? (I vote for low compression due to …something)

  2. Greg Hahs Says:

    Bummer, Greg pleaded to have the group stop at our house so I could replace his points with my electronic ignition unit and tune it all up for the rest of the trip. Take about 30 minutes. The others could have checked out our Muzium and our cars. I had everything ready and waiting, but no show. What a shame. He was told the schedule was too tight. To tight to go 20 mph all day? Oh well, I’m sorry I couldn’t have helped him. He would have had so much more fun driving than riding. Hope they get it fixed.

    The Isettadude

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