Microcars on Route 66 – The journey begins

They started at 7:30am August 8 PST.
Seven Eight Microcars will travel 2448 miles along Route 66 from Santa Monica Pier in California to Chicago IL over the next 2 weeks.
You can follow them on their Facebook page HERE, or check back on this blog to see a daily recap.
2 vehicles came from Germany just to do this trip (the Goggomobil Transporter Pickup and the Goggomobil sedan).
The vehicles are (as pictured above) 3 Vespa 400’s, Goggmobil Transporter, Goggomobil Sedan, BMW Isetta, FIAT 500.
There is supposed to be some sort of Map feature on the Facebook page that take the GPS-tagged photos and allows you to track where they are at any time (at least when the photos were taken), but I can’t find any evidence of that at the moment.


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