The BMW Isetta that ALMOST made it onto Top Gear

This is Jon Hunt’s BMW Isetta being driven by Jeremy Clarkson for the first episode of this season’s TOP GEAR.
Unfortunately this sequence was cut from the show but you can now watch it here.
Is that “Brazil” being played in the background?  Shouldn’t that be used for Messerschmitts?
Oh, well, Bubblecars, they are all the same anyways right?

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One Response to “The BMW Isetta that ALMOST made it onto Top Gear”

  1. steveg (USA) Says:

    i really enjoy top gear, the show is great entertainment, however they should get their facts straight, there is four speeds you have to learn to shift the isetta properly. there is a reverse which works quite well.. as do the brakes.

    though cornering with a three wheeled Isetta is tricky, the four wheeled version is quite stable. try one sometime guys…

    maybe they should look for a HEINKEL Kabine 4 wheeler (like the one I have) a much more roadable microcar..

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