new CARS trailer has a Zündapp Janus!

See if you can spot the Zündapp Janus in the trailer for the new CARS movie from PIXAR.
Unlike the previous film this is not a “blend” of several microcars, it seems to be a rather accurate depiction of the vehicle (except for the addition of the monocle….).  Oh and the Janus also appears to be a “bad guy”. Whoo Hoo!  Hope they find a use for the rear door. Perhaps he is “two-faced”?
Hat Tip to Larry Claypool for the heads up.
cheaters can click here for a pic of the car

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3 Responses to “new CARS trailer has a Zündapp Janus!”

  1. Kabinenroller Says:

    I’m not a movie person but I will but it when it comes out on a DVD. By the way- did they paint your Janus for the movie? Very neat clip!

  2. Peter Johnson Says:

    How much do you want for the car?

  3. admin Says:

    how much for what car?

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