1959 Autobianchi Bianchina for sale – Craigslist NC

1959 Autobianchi Bianchina for sale $3500
located near Greeneville SC

if the link does not work, the listing has expired

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7 Responses to “1959 Autobianchi Bianchina for sale – Craigslist NC”

  1. E-Dub Says:

    I ended up picking up this car. It looks to be quite a project. Finding any information on Autobianchi in English, beyond the Wikipedia page, is proving to be quite a challenge. Any ideas?

  2. 59 Bian Says:

    Fiat Plus in California (Chris has been into Fiats a long time and knows them backwards and forwards)
    Mr Fiat in Georgia

  3. 59 Bian Says:

    Early and late 59’s are different. The heater air setup from the engine is different and the rear axles changed. Late 59’s use 4 bolts on the outer axle flanges where they connect to the wheel axle while early 59’s have 3 bolts.

    Do you have a ‘special’ or standard Bianchina?

  4. Otto Says:

    I just picked up a 62′ ‘special’ to restore and have a 59′ flat floor that is completely restored that has been in the family since 63′. These are a kick to drive around town……

  5. Madman Says:

    I agree completely — Fiat Plus is a great resource. You can order copies of the manuals for not much money, and they’re a big help. I got four (Instruction Book, Bodywork, plus the Fiat 500 Spare Parts book and Shop Manual). They were helpful over the phone too. Good luck — I got a ’59 Trasformabile Special this year and it’s in nice shape but will need some attention regardless so I’ll be ordering a few things from Chris Obert.

  6. Gerardo Ramos Says:

    Can you send me more photos of the car please.

    What is the condition of the car?

  7. greg g. Says:

    Restoring a 1960 bianchina
    Lots of info, anf spare parts..

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