*ALERT* Stolen Microcars in Atlanta GA

Keep an eye out for a sparkling new 20′ car trailer abandoned somewhere around Atlanta with a 1958 Messerschmitt KR200 AND a 1953 Rovin D4 inside it.  The trailer with the two microcars inside was stolen this morning in Atlanta GA.

#1 1958 Messerschmitt KR200:  Yellow with black fenders. VIN # 69233
#2 1953 Rovin D4:  Pale yellow.
#3 2011 Horton Hauler 20ft enclosed trailer, white V-Nose.
Current “TAG” on trailer is a RED TEMP Advertisement plate from the dealer that says “Trailers For Less of Newnan” and has a dealer phone number.

please keep your eyes open on eBay and Craigslist and at other Auction houses in case someone tries to sell any of these vehicles.  Any information, please contact:  UPDATE: Cars have been recovered.

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4 Responses to “*ALERT* Stolen Microcars in Atlanta GA”

  1. TL Spangler Says:

    We have some good news. The Dekalb Police have reportedly have recovered the Rovin & the Messerschmitt and they are in the county impound. No trailer recovered but that doesn’t concern us nearly as much as our beloved micocars.

    We are going shortly to find them and determine the condition, hopefully they are as pristine as when they went missing 11 hours ago… We will keep you posted when we learn more…

  2. Charles Gould Says:

    I am so happy that the microcars have been recovered, and I hope and trust that they are in perfect shape. I suspect that the thieves only wanted the trailer, and perhaps unloaded the cars carefully, and left them by the sidee of the road, or in some parking lot. I do hope that you get your trailer back as well, but recovering the cars is so much more important. Thankfully they were found. Please let us know if they are undamaged.

  3. Connor Says:

    How did they “recover” them without getting the trailer? Were they just sitting by the side of the road?

  4. TL Spangler Says:

    Good news overall. The Microcars are back HOME!!!!! We are overjoyed about that part!!!

    The thieves unloaded them in an closed down car wash lot and the county police noticed them and had them towed to the impound. Unfortunately there is some damage due to rough handling but only paint damage. The Rovin got the worst of it as it appears they tried to PRY OPEN the UNLOCKED engine compartment and damaged the paint in about 3 areas. Also the convertible top mechanical pieces are missing (they were in the trailer but not dropped with the car…. those will be impossible to find but probably not too hard to fabricate a replacement). The Messerschmitt looks better just somewhat dirty and with some unknown gunk smudges in several spot.

    Overall, we are very pleased we got them back! And the quick recovery probably really minimized the damage. We are grateful to Jim Janek and Mark Hatten for there assistance and support/blogging, the Atlanta police department (reporting the theft across Georgia), the Dekalb police department for the recovery, and Cymill Motors towing & impound lot (they were very nice and took extra care with handling the cars. The staff was very interested in “those little collectable cars”…. but we were still charged full sized car pricing….but happy to pay it to get them back).

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