Spare Parts Collections assets seized

Previously mentioned HERE, Bruce Weiner has successfully sued the people behind Spare Parts Collections and is apparently seizing their assets.  Their website is currently in the hands of a Court-appointed Receiver in California. Other assets are apparently being seized at this time as well.

Their eBay account appears to be dormant for now. Their eBay “Store” is now gone as of Dec 7 2011.  Anyone who recently ordered something from them will not be able to communicate with them as the website that was seized also hosted their email accounts and they really have no incentive to send you anything after you have paid.

Other assets are apparently in the process of being seized at this time, what they are specifically is not known.

If you DO get an email from someone you dealt with at Spare Parts Collections and they tell you that their website is just “down,” don’t believe it.  It has been seized and they are not getting it back until they pay the amount of the judgement against them.

They may simply “pop up” under a new company name in the future.  They have apparently done that in the past. Of course, if it is a “new” company, your “old” orders and payments will most likely be forgotten.

By-the-way, if you thought they had a warehouse and facilities to house a bunch of stock and do restorations, think again, this message apparently came from Plinio regarding their facilities (or lack there-of):

“We are just internet dealers and sell the parts we source from various providers in our country and the region with which we have agreements. Therefore, we do not have a physical stock of products.”

No wonder it took forever to get things from them and why shipping was so incredibly expensive.

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2 Responses to “Spare Parts Collections assets seized”

  1. walter Says:


    I can see the website is on again. Any icomments?



  2. Jim Says:

    They no longer control that website.
    look for some changes to it in the near future.

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