Atti Bethlenfalvy : CON MAN


Con Man

1. A swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim.

At the 2005 MICROS IN MADISON meet in GA, Linda and Kerry Erendson wondered where they could get a Scootacar sign like the one that Bruce Weiner had hanging on the wall. They were introduced to Atti Bethlenfalvy.

Atti had done a number of the custom pieces that Bruce owned.
He had also done a number of Microcar Neon signs for other people in the past. Linda wanted to surprise Kerry with a custom Scootacar Neon for his birthday and this seemed to be the best way to get it done!

About a year ago, Marilyn Felling asked me if I knew where she could get an Isetta Neon sign like one she had seen at Ken Weger’s place in the summer of 2006. I think Ken had mentioned Atti to her and she was asking me if I knew how to get in touch with him. I knew that Atti had screwed up in the past, but he seemed to be turning a corner and “getting his priorities straight”. Besides, he wouldn’t dream of messing with Marilyn Felling “The Isetta Lady”. Would he?

So Marilyn ordered a sign from Atti.


A short time after the ITALIANMETALS “Too Bad” piece appeared in MICROCAR NEWS, I got an email from Linda Erendson. She felt compelled to share her story about how she had ordered something from Atti, LAST YEAR and was still trying to get it even though she had paid him in full $480! I saw the emails she had sent and Atti’s responses. I immediately recognized that he was up to his old excuses and had no intention of delivering anything.
He even sent a photo to Linda of the “completed” Scootacar Neon piece as proof it was completed. Unfortunately the photo was not of what she ordered, but was basically a “file photo” of something else he had made years earlier.

Linda also shared with me her attempts to find Atti after he ceased all contact with her. Despite what Atti tells people, he does not have a “shop”. At times in the past he used to have some workspace where he would actually do neon work.
But no more.
He also had no “home address” and anyone searching for him will eventually find his father in Akron Ohio. He has the same name. Linda found Attila Sr. and told him her story.
He was not surprised. He was not defensive. He apologized. He knew from previous experiences that his son had made mistakes and he just wrote it off to “that’s life” or something. But lately he was getting more calls and more angry people were contacting him looking for his son. And it was not just $100 here and there, it was for HUNDREDS and in some cases THOUSANDS of dollars. And it was not just one or two people, there were literally dozens of people contacting him constantly looking for his son.

At the same time over in the “Scooter” world, Atti was getting trashed by all the people that used to protect him. Apparently it was just a matter of time before you got screwed over by Atti and he had used up all his Microcar contacts and now was screwing over his long time Scooter friends.

So now I had to go back to Marilyn Felling and tell her that I had a bad feeling that she was not going to get her neon. She was unaware of any problems because everytime she emailed Atti to check on the Neon (that she had paid for in full), he replied and always with some sort of excuse that seemed valid.

•The neon tube supplier had shipped him the wrong color neon and was back ordered on the specific “red” she wanted.

•He had just moved to a “new shop” and would not have gas (needed to bend) or Internet for about a month!

The excuses were never his fault. It was always someone else who had caused him to fall behind.
Eventually he ceased contact with Marilyn Felling altogether.
Just like Linda, just like everyone else he owes.

At some point, Atti makes you feel like it is YOUR FAULT and you are the only one that he has ever had a problem with. So many people just keep quiet and chalk it up to bad luck.

There are still a few people that stand up for him and defend him.
“I got my neon” someone will say, or “I never had a problem with him!”
Well, years ago, he used to actually deliver what you ordered, so that is no surprise.
But that was then, this is now.

Others will say that it is not worth losing “a friend” over a few hundred dollars, or they hope he will help them find some elusive item they have been searching for.

These are the marks of good con man.
He screws you over and not only do you come back for more, but you recommend him to others!

-Jim Janecek

This is all the “known” contact info I have for ATTILA BETHLENFALVY :
phone: 216-392-2368 (it is a cell phone, he won’t answer it if he owes you money)
web: (he is on there all the time, goofing off with people who he has not ripped off…yet)
He “lives” in Cleveland Ohio, but he calls it “Thieveland”, how appropriate.

(this was originally published in MICROCAR NEWS #6 2007)

Additional Information added since the article was published:

Ladies: – Atti apparently likes to make friends so he can use your eBay account.
Why doesn’t he get his own eBay account? He was kicked off years ago, that’s why.
Once you are kicked off eBay, you are banned FOR LIFE.

Here are some previous eBay accounts that Atti used to use to sell stuff, click the links to see the feedback.
Notice any patterns? The first 2 accounts were his, the others were apparently “friend’s” accounts. Until they got suspended anyways. These are also not the only ones he has “used”.


here is an Interesting Thread from the ScooterBBS forum about another person that got snookered into allowing Atti to use their eBay account to sell stuff. (note that this is an archived forum discussion and ScooterBBS moved to a new forum format and lost all the names so everyone is called “Anonymous”)
And the Followup Thread (now a dead link) to the aforementioned Soap Opera. Handled very well by Phil of Cleveland Scooters.

But maybe you should read those threads before you let him use your eBay account to sell something…

Additional Information added since the article was published:

Apparently Atti likes to tell people he is going to SUE them and he is “good friends” with Bruce Weiner who will finance his Lawyerly pursuits. IT’S NOT TRUE!
Bruce Weiner has told me that he severed ties with Atti long ago and besides, he would never would have financed any crazy lawsuit that Atti might come up with.
The only reason he maintained any contact with Atti at all was to get all the NEON work that he had paid for

Additional Information added since the article was published:

Atti has posted on his MySpace page something about importing Mexican Police Motorcycles and he makes this claim:

“Go ahead and ask questions about shipping though, as I have some experience bringing containers of vehicles in from Europe and Scandinavia.”

funny thing about that quote. It is true!
What he does not mention is how he totally messed up the entire deal he had with the guy who shipped the stuff.
Atti told him he could deal with the US end of a shipping container that had some microcars and scooters from Sweden. When the container arrived, Atti let it sit there for THREE MONTHS! It racked up storage fees of about $8000, money he did not have. He had to go begging for help to get the container released and it got really complicated when he TRADED some of the contents for the $8000 needed to release the container. He totally screwed over the guy from Sweden who had shipped the stuff.

Do you really want to let Atti handle the shipping and paperwork for you? Go ahead, ask him some questions. Ask him where he got the $8000 to get the container back from Customs. Ask him why he let it sit there in the first place. The ask yourself why you would bother dealing with this jackass.

do you have any additional info that might help people find him to either get their Neon, their Scooter parts or their Money back? or maybe you have been ripped off as well?
Leave a comment. (if your comment contains a link, it might be held for moderation…)


144 Responses to “Atti Bethlenfalvy : CON MAN”

  1. crowbardentist Says:

    Sigh, I’ve seen this movie once before. I imagine the ending to the sequel will be the same. I tried to warn those folks, they weren’t interested.

  2. has anybody seen him? Says:

    Nothing up here about Atti lately. Is he in jail? dead? no scams lately?
    Oh, and what happened to Chrissy? I really liked her.

  3. crowbardentist Says:

    OH LOOK IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!!! I really did try to warn those folks…

    Posted 10-6-2011 on Friends of the Professional Car Society

    Does anybody know how to make Attila actually ship something? I paid him with PayPal about 2 weeks ago, I have begged him, pleaded him, threatened him, offered more money, offered more business, all sincere offers, I bought some glass which I believed he had in stock, then he went to the wrecking yard and maybe he didn’t have it in stock, had to get it, OK, but he still won’t ship it, worse he will no longer answer my calls or eMails.

    I know he has allot of angry customers, I really do not want to join them, Attila has allot to offer and I am interested in all of it, I am not a patent man, U guys know Attila better then I do, if there is somebody who can encourage him to ship my goods I would very much appreciate it, I want to buy some Jump seats he has too and some of that cool neon. but I guess I better get the first deal done first, please can anybody help?

    With Best Regards From
    Ross and Eye Barker

  4. Ross Says:

    Think PayPal can get me my money back?

  5. admin Says:

    If you paid with PayPal, file a complaint and a request to reverse the charges immediately.

    This alone may get Atti to get off his ass and get you your item.
    However, he is always short of cash, so he has most likely pulled the money out of the PayPal account by now so there is not a good chance of getting the money back if that has happened.
    Also- he has been known to use the eBay accounts and PayPal accounts of other “friends” for these types of things because he was kicked off eBay a long time ago, and then they get screwed over when he gets his money and his “customer” files a complaint with PayPal that ultimately freezes their eBay or PayPal account.

    Atti doesn’t care, he just moves on to the next sucker who falls for his slick line of patter.

    Who is the recipient on your PayPal receipt? Is it Atti? or is it someone else?

  6. Ross Says:

    Check this out, Professional Car Society deleted my comments about Attila, so I posted the following, See if it stays there:

    Ross Barker Ross Barker is online now
    Junior Member

    Join Date: Sep 2011
    Location: Graham WA 98338
    Posts: 2
    Thanks: 3
    Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts
    Groans: 0
    Groaned at 0 Times in 0 Posts
    Ross Barker is on a distinguished road
    Default Attila Bethlenfalvy
    You Removed the thread about Attila Bethlenfalvy and his thievery I think U should carefully consider that if U allow his postings in effort to sell goods and hide his feedback U could be held responsible for financial losses inured I am guessing but I think those losses might be very substantial and U should consider very carefully before U condone his actions by hiding or deleting such feedback.

    Perhaps U should have a quick Look see at what other websites are doing to protect themselves from any contingent Liability

    The HAMB:

    HAMB Name= Original Patina
    Attila S. Bethlenfalvy
    1976 W 44th St.
    Cleveland, OH 44113

    See also MICROCAR NEWS
    Atti Bethlenfalvy : CON MAN

    Art Of Neon In Your Custom Shop Or Garage

    I sent Attila $325 in response to his postings on your Forum. if I can prove you deleted comments about non-receipt and allowed in-forum advertising from Attila, I am going to come to you for my $325.00 and I think U will find yourself responsible for 10’s of thousands of Dollars in other peoples losses in the same way.

    I suggest that you please replace the postings U deleted from here and allot them to remain if for no other reason then to protect yourself from the contingent liability of this man

    With Best Regards From
    Ross and Eye Barker

  7. admin Says:

    btw- the “Darryl Thompson” character that does not like you posting this info there is most likely Atti posting using a “sock puppet” account. Note that “Darryl” has never posted before and signed up JUST to reply to your comments!

    Atti has been known to use different accounts to post and reply in forums. I first noticed it several years ago when he posted as his own ex-girlfriend in a Yahoo Forum. He was defending himself, saying how wonderful he was or something and switched back and forth between himself and his ex-girlfriend. He screwed up when he forgot to sign out of the “ex-girlfriend” account and post as the ex-girlfriend, but using his own name instead. When he realized what he had done, he immediately deleted the post, but many people (including me) receive the messages via email, so I got a copy of it before he deleted it.
    Needless to say, he never posted there again after he exposed himself.

    Thanks for posting the Cyril Huze blog comment link, I was not aware it had been receiving so much “action”.

    The Professional Car Society will protect Atti as long as he provides a few people with what they want.
    The people who get scammed for a few hundred here and there can simply go to hell I guess.

  8. Ross Says:

    Darryl Thompson is indeed Attila, it can only be, only 2 Postings in his lifetime, All have been deleted now and U are correct, Attila protected, Here is a copy of “Darryl’s Recommendation” to Attila:

    Atti does ship as promised. I personally have witnessed several transactions concerning neon and coach parts. There are rumors and speculations concerning him but NONE of the accusations have been proven accurate. There are a few members here on this site along with a couple other sites that have issues with Atti. Be assured that those issues stem from bruised ego’s and not a shady deal on parts.

    He has to be one of the most knowledgeable people on this site concerning old coach parts and does have the resources to obtain those parts. If you do have a coach that needs something and you are willing to PAY, he WILL ship and do everything within his power to ensure you get the goods.
    Atti has found 2 old coaches for me and has been a great resource for some very hard to find stuff even in the neon trade. This is a great site to find old coach stuff and information but there are a few that make it hard on the really good resources.

    I think what’s going on here is a case of the old school saying… 1 Oh Crap takes a million Good Jobs to go away….

    Ego’s aside let’s have some fun with the rust! :cheers

    Nice self Recommendations

    And then to my more negative comment above the following:

    Off topic and seemingly a grudge. This site and persons that run it are not liable for your transactions off site since this is a forum and not an auction site. Please quit littering threads with off topic gripes. Thus is why you have just been groaned and in hopes that your eye trash is removed.

    K Thanks,

    Again, all have been deleted now and myself predictably banned. I have little interest in being a member of a forum who would condone such activity

  9. partsfil Says:

    Ross, I was aware of the problem with him on the PCS board, then I discovered that Attila was banned on the forum before, Dont know why and dont know when exactly…but it seems that he was fair with some of the PCS members and that’s why he was protected so much, but bad with some others… even with an administrator.

  10. partsfil Says:

    After almost a month of silence without posts (but connected several times) he’s back on the PCS forum with several “helping” posts…

  11. Jim Says:

    “helping” means he needs “money” .

  12. Nobody Says:

    Is it possible that the first link about him being an animal “lover” is someone’s way of getting back at him? Not standing up for the guy, but I can’t imagine that someone that is actually into this would post their full name. Anyone know?

  13. Animal Lover Says:

    While I (thankfully) never heard or witnessed any of Atti’s “adventures” with 4 legged friends, I do know he was overly affectionate with animals. He’s just plain weird, and I wouldn’t put it past him, unfortunately 🙁

  14. Neon Craig Says:

    WOW!!!! … I was going through what was left by the afore mentioned (person??) who over 20 Years ago came to Me & My, then partner in Bizz, about being an intern in My shop. He brought a Friend, that later I found out He had just met. All went well and then one day here He comes with OVER 300 pounds of Glass for Neon. When asked where it came from I was informed it came from Kent State’s Neon Lab, (which at the time was a Great Program). All of the boxes were from EGL a Friend on Mine’s Company, and the Trade mark on the outer skin was “Training Glass”. Training Glass is basically seconds or Color experements that aren’t up to standards. I was the Person that asked to have the Glass DONATED to the School fore I felt it was a Very worthwhile Program.
    When I asked how He got it… “Um I borrowed it”…Borrowed it??? How What did You pay for it??? I didn’t was His answer. As He was starting to empty His car into My Shop I stopped Him and said “Get it back to Kent”. The last thing I needed was Hot Glass in My Shop from a caring person in Neon. This Dick head balking and hemmed and hawwed to the Point I threw Him out of My shop and told Him NEVER COME BACK.
    I was having problems in My Family and would leave town for weekends to try and mend things. At the same time My then Partner aquired a Taste for Drugs that are named after a Part of His Ass. I started to get back doored and found Myself closing after being taken for double the previous Years profit.
    Little did I know that at the same time this piece of Crap was visiting My “Backdooring Partner” in order to Fab & sell waht He could.
    Flash ahead 15 Years Latter:
    I get a call in the middle of a production run..”Hey Man How Ya Been this is Atti”… I missed the name but the call sounded sincere, “Fine what’s up???”…My rig is down & I need to pump some stuff for Indiana…Anybody get Ripped off form Indy??? So I thought I was dealing with a Friend & bfound it to be the Weasel. I pumped His Crap for Pennys as a Friend help discount, and The Prick had the nerve to Call Me from Indy Bitching cause two of the units Broke. When He came back I processed the two just for the Karma.
    Here it Comes:
    This Puss Sucker calls Me with a tale of Woe..”Oh My Landlords a Prick” Yeah They are when They don’t get paid. I was on My Ass at the time and offered to let Him set a bench ot two in My shop for a Half split of Op Costs. Rent Utillitys and the like..”No problem. I help this Turd move all His Crap (Free) and set Him up. He turns on the “Biker Build Off” charm on My addicted Landlord and I start getting pressed to Give this Shithead keys to My Kingdom. I protested but was assured “I have it all under control I know where, who & how to find Him”..(LIES) .. so Junior gets Keys, has the balls to go in one night and “Clean”, but this was after His TWIN BROTHER & Daddy come to the Shop look Me in the eye and tell Me “This place is a Pig Stye”..Thank You You May LEAVE Now.
    Stuff got Broke things got moved and as I later found out things disappeared. It took weeks to get back into rythem, it’s only a 2200 square space and divided to boot. Then Christmas comes, I still haven’t got ANY Rent, Utillitys, or comp for Processing His Crap. I can call it Crap this Parasite cuts at least a third of the Bends to make things crisp out of what He DOES complete. That’s right up there with two thirds of Your car getting painted and the Guy telling you …”What it’s fine!! Right..Latter”… I mean “It’s Cool it Lights right???” (Bitch). So Xmas comes & goes, so does New Years, so I figure it’s a Family thing. Then I get a TEXT I STILL HAVE!!! “I’m holding My Dog in My arms as He dies” this is January. Feb, March, April NO SHOW. BUT the Folks He took deposits from ARE!! Pissed and looking at Me as if I am the Pirate. My Landlord is filling Me full of Crap about His Mental state and other Hooie. Now We are into May and guess what???/ Landy Lord did a deal with Him TOO for a Local Harley Shop and His Putz is on the line. I put 50 hours and unknown amount of pieces parts, transformers & Glass into this Bar & Crest for this shop. The whole time trying to tell Them I Have NO CONNECTION to this RAT. As I am completing it, I get Hit from LEGAL persuit in the form that this IDIOT is calling Me His partner!! There’s Four more gigs I get to give away and I am on thin ice as it is.
    ALL got covered, by My Company. All was delivered, By Me & Help I PAID. Finally the noise stopped. I chalked it up to “Never Again” Plus NO word of wheather this Shit Head was Dead or alive. Landlord finally tells Me..”Um I don’t know where He is” (Big Surprise)
    It took a YEAR to recover even part of the TEN GRAND this (I ran out of ’em sorry) cost Me not to mention what I missed as I tried to get the Ju Ju off Me.
    THEN HE SHOWS UP AFTER MIDNIGHT one night with a Borrowed truck & a borrowed landscape trailer, AND TRYS TO BREAK IN!!! to get (his) gear.
    One Cop came up to Me to ask if this is My shop, when I say Yes He tells Me “Proverb says, if You have 4 OUTSTANDING WARRANTS, don’t start NO SHIT”
    All His gear is in the hands of the Landlord in Leiu of Moneys lost…PLUS I don’t need the shadow that crap throws.
    To ALL You that got Hit…. I am so Sorry. There are People, REAL People in My Business that can & WILL pass a drug test, (on a regular basis) as well as deliver on time, what You paid for. As for the future My Company survived and handles 48 of 88 Counties of Ohio, is involved with the Casino transformation of Downtown Cleveland.

    Again WOW amazing this Guy still breathes…BEWARE!!!
    Hope this finds You well, My Karma is fine.

    Neon Craig / CAN DO NEON / Cleveland Ohio, USA……PEACE

  15. crowbardentist Says:

    Hey Neon Craig, did Atti move into your shop after he got kicked out of the factory loft off of Clark Ave? He owes those people a whole lot of back rent. I don’t remember the exact date of that event but I’m pretty sure iI remember it corresponding with the declining health of his mastiff.

    He had moved into that loft space with his collection of scooters and microcars intent on setting up a neon studio and either had the gas shut off for lack of payment or couldn’t get it turned on. There was one of his typical fabricated stories to explain it away of course.

    For what it’s worth thanks for mentioning the stolen neon from Kent State, Atti was STILL bragging about that during the time I had my run in with him. In fact he made a point to show me what he still had left from that haul.

  16. partsfil Says:

    Is anybody know why he was kicked out of the professionalcar forum (not the professionalcarSOCIETY forum) few years ago? Still wondering how much time before he screw a serious adiminstrator and be kicked out of the Society.. The “helping posts” are more intensive since november.

    I saw all the infos here and was interested by his past posts from 2009-2010 and was impressed by how many professional cars (mostly hearses 40’s thru 60’s) he is supposed to have purchased… and never saw any other pictures than one, in a backyard, with an annotation like “here is my last purchase”. Followed by no news on a sale, no project pictures, no hauling pictures, well, I let you guess…

  17. Jim Says:

    Atti does not “own” anything. He likes to give the impression that he has money and the space to store a collection of vehicles.
    He has neither.

    But people like to believe. He takes advantage of this.
    By sharing knowledge and “helping”, he gains the trust and respect of people who know nothing about how he actually operates. These people will then defend him when his past comes back to bite him in the ass.

  18. akron Says:

    this is great keep on posting!
    i went on like two dates with this idiot -before all this cleveland shit went down- he is a total liar and conman.
    luckly all i did was waste my time and feel gross for touching him. but i learned if they look like an idiot and they sound like an idiot, then they’re an idiot.

  19. partsfil Says:

    Just checking on PCS forum few weeks ago, he still post at least 3 times a day. Still post one or 2 times a month a picture of a nowhere hearse saying “MY project”, “I bought it last year” nor “sold it to a PCS friend”, always a different car from a transaction nobody never heard of. I saw at least 6 cars since last december. I work 60 hours a week, got a nice barn with 2 old cars and just dont know how people can believe that a nobody with no job and no money can be able to own more than zero… or one project.

    At least the stuff he’s selling right now is cheap, less than 200$. Same hearse parts than last year pictured differently. Everything fits on a car trunk. I think it’s the only hearse stuff he own, stealed from a junkyard..

  20. partsfil Says:

    Now that’s funny:

    Present professional cars owned:

    ’57 Superior limo endloader
    ’57 Superior limo combination
    ’58 Superior Coupe de Fleur
    ’58 Superior limo combination
    ’59 Superior Crown Royale limo combination
    ’59 Superior Crown Royale limo combination
    ’60 Superior Royale limo combination
    ’60 Superior Crown Royale Landaulet endloader
    ’60 Miller Meteor Futura combination
    ’61 Miller Meteor 48 ambulance
    ’64 S&S Park Row endloader
    ’95 Eureka Monticello

    Let me laugh, where a guy who work 20 days per year can find storage for 12 giant funeral monsters… By the way those ’59 Superior Crown Royale limo combination are the most valuable hearses on the market. A friend bought a scrap one with no windows or mechanical for 7000$ … Guess he means the 1:18 scale ones…

  21. Jim Says:

    Atti has a long history of claiming ownership for any vehicle that passes through his hands in any way. If he picked up a car for someone, it was his. If he flipped a car to someone and got paid a brokerage fee and he never actually saw the car in person, it was his.

    Atti has never owned anything, ever. He doesn’t even own the car he drives right now.
    And I don’t even know what he is driving. I just know it is not his.

    None of these were ever registered in his name. He can’t do it, he has too much to lose if he actually “owns” anything. It will be an asset that can be seized and taken.

  22. Chris Apels Says:

    Atti now drives a 1995 or so Cadillac Superior Crown hearse. It evidently had a rotting corpse inside of it, and he documents how he cleaned it up and is turning it into a parts hauler. (NHAA post) He was driving a black Volvo wagon, with the aforementioned Ohio plates.

    The people at the Professional Car Society. as well as NHAA love him because he finds parts for their cars and does post some interesting photos and articles.

    Atti does come across as a sincere guy, and will turn you on to good deals as well as contacts. Sadly, all good things come to an end. Usually if he arranges a “buyer” for your car, he will insist on a 10% comission, and when the sale falls thru, because his buyer is a flake, he somehow makes you feel at fault for the deal not going thru.

    What Jim says is true, Atti will tell people that your car is “his”, or he is the “key” to making the deal come together.

    I once had Atti tell me about this great car he had, and how we could work something out on it, etc etc. When I quizzed him about the details of the car, i became suspicious and amused, because as it turns out, the car he was trying to interest me in, was already mine! He did not know that I had purchased the car several months prior!!

    Now, does anyone know if he is still wanted? Are the Hell”s Angels still looking for him?

    Please advise!

  23. Chris Says:

    Ive net attila at a hearse show last year. He made ne suspicious simply because he seemed unwilling to give his last name understandably. He did give me his email which lead me here. I follow him on facebook and find it hard to believe no one can catch up with him. After having kept up with this page i will not do deals with him and have warned my hearse friends too. Pretty sure he comes here too and checks out this blog so onlu a matter of time til he unfriends me.ha ha. Does he have warrants out for his arrest or is it all local and credit stuff? And as much as it hurts dont worry karmas a bitch

  24. admin Says:

    People do “catch up with him” but once you do that, what are your options?
    He’s not going to pay what he owes. He already knows how to drag out a debt to infinity with any number of seemingly legitimate excuses.
    Of course, once people start comparing notes, it becomes readily apparent that he uses the same schtick on everyone.

    Are you going to beat the shit out of him? It has happened. A few times.
    The rest of the people that he snookered have too much invested in “real life” to risk beating him up.
    “What if he calls the cops?”
    “What if he sues me for beating him up?”
    “I don’t want to go to jail because of this assclown”

    And so then people begin to examine what their legal options are. Unfortunately they find that suing him costs money and time, especially since they can’t find a way to have him properly served.
    Atti makes sure that he is always mobile, untraceable and surrounds himself with people that will protect/hide him if need be.

    Atti has learned over the years that most everyone will do nothing after he rips them off. That is what keeps him going. He doesn’t rob liquor stores. He robs people under the auspices of doing business with them.

    I know people that are fully aware of everything he does to people, yet they continue to maintain contact with him because – for one reason or another- they find him useful. He has not ripped them off (yet) and other people are of no concern to them. Everyone looks out for #1.

  25. anon Says:

    ha ha ATILLA discusses getting ripped off he has all this money but can never pay anyone back

    “Very disappointed to see several items “missing” that I had just seen the previous day. Not cool. At all. Pieces that I had planned to bid on and had allocated funds for were just GONE. These included at least 8 church trucks, 6 gurneys, and a Vespa. Auctioneer was non-apologetic. He simply didn’t care, stating that his online advertising had been modified to include “Items subject to change.” before auction started so he was not legally liable.

    Total bullsh*t!!!!! If it is advertised, it has to be there. He had a contract to sell those items with the funeral home family and as far as I was concerned, he must produce them. But what can you really do..?

    I frankly don’t think he did any backdoor cash dealings. More likely a family member sold them for scrap. (Later found out a family member sold church trucks and stretchers to another funeral home late Friday night. Too many people had keys to a business that had been closed for years.) ”

  26. thisguy Says:

    Atti is now working for this guy . . . in Roanoke, VA.

  27. T. Magyar Says:

    Who is responsible for running this ‘blog’ and why is there no direct link from The complaints presented here are criminal if true, and slanderous if false or exaggerated. Quite frankly, it seems like the same group of complainants sounding off here, and I suspect many of these complaints are plain false and merely drag out personal gripes. My point is, that this individual is hardly ‘in hiding’, no court documents exist from what I can tell for any of the charges mentioned here, and it seems clear that folks are unwilling to come forward and instead hide behind non-descript names.

    I bring this up because I came across this site after having appropriate and professional contact with this individual. While I found plenty of references with real names and ‘open comments’, this site seems incredibly specious and I cannot fathom how it is allowed to be up, especially under the link.

  28. admin Says:

    Then let Atti come forth and address these issues himself rather than hide behind some sock puppet named T. Magyar. Ironic that you complain about lack of transparency but offer nothing to identify your own self.

    One positive transaction does not erase the trail of a grifter.

    If Atti has an issue with any of the information posted here, he is welcome to post a response.
    He has yet to do so.

  29. T. Magyar Says:

    See? This site is not legitimate. Who in his right mind would address alleged criminal complaints in a forum like this? I’m fairly new to this hobby (my brother got me into it), and I was trying to cultivate some good online forums to learn from. Clearly, this is not one of them.

  30. T. Magyar Says:

    Oh, I see all the shenanigans of this sham ‘organization’ are suggested here. Should have looked at the main page 1st.

  31. Jim Says:

    Wow, you have no clue what you are reading.
    You think that was the “main page”?

    The sham “organization” you refer to was the old club, not this one.

    If you can’t make sense of things like that, you have no business judging anyone here.

  32. Says:

    Indeed Attila is Living and working in the Roanoke area. Living at the gentleman’s house he is working for! I believe they are “together” as well. He can be reached at I am sure he knows about this all and just laughs at all of us wanting our money. If indeed there is a warrant out, then call the Roanoke police.

  33. Jessica Says:

    1-512-568-2884 Is his current cell.

  34. DARRYL THOMPSON Says: & the rest of you on this site.

    Assumptions of people that 1. You do not know 2. Know anything about what they do 3. Don’t know the recourse’s of illegitimate claims, can jeopardize your 1. Bank accounts and personal holdings if shall choose to seek “legal” recourse, 2. Pay the appropriate people to find the internet mouth warrior behind the screen name and pay visit to said keyboard idiot. Maybe 1 & 2 if it is deemed fitting.

    The claims that several have made that I “Darryl Thompson” am Atti are false. Actually the postings are quite funny watching all of the Cojack detective work. Hell if comprehension was a strong suite on here you could have figured out that on your own by the Facebook page link. – Last I checked, sexuality has no bearing on anyones status of being criminal minded. As for any connection on myself and Atti, your assumptions are well off. Your assumptions of him residing here are also false. He is only a visitor from time to time.

    For the rest of you – If you have been screwed over or thinkingly been screwed over. QUIT bellyaching behind a screen. This is a stupid he said she said board. It does however provide some great laughs because NOT A DAMN ONE OF YOU HAVE EVEN CALLED MY PHONE to see or discuss anything. I am by far one of the easiest people to contact in the US, my phone number is everywhere. Great detective work sleuths!

    I do own a NEON company as well as several PROFESSIONAL CARS. I don’t have to front anything and carry a very highly regarded reputation in neon and antique cars. Everyone that has seen this with links to me find it HILARIOUS and they cannot believe that so many “wont do anything people” have found a place to merge and vent.

    So cut your BS and grow up. Grow a pair. If your owed anything, get it. Quit wasting a tiny section of cyberspace crying because you don’t know how to stand up for yourself.

    FYI >>> The professional car forum members find this site just as a 1-2 people pissed off thread, thus you will gain nothing by using it against Atti. <<<

    Stop your stupid rumors on alias's and get your FACTS right. Face to face, phone to phone or lawyer to lawyer, I love to talk.

    I can be reached at or @ 540-915-0502

  35. admin Says:

    Lets hear from Atti.


  36. anti atti Says:

    his face book

    his fan page

  37. eagle5000 Says:

    A friend who remembered Atti and his exploits regarding myself sent me the link.

    All I can say is after reading this is that “Crowbardentists'” analogy of Atti’s Sociopathic personality traits are absolutely spot on in my opinion.
    I was around when the containers from England (?) arrived with mini cars and scooters. after all the dust settled folks where still looking for him years later. Several folks never received what was promised in the way of vehicles or compensation as agreed for storage , work, neon etc. . Only a myriad of excuses was given time and time again. His personality was interesting and likeable at first.
    Then just as mentioned “can I use your e-bay account” turned into permanent ban from e-bay.
    I also know of a few neon shops and related folks who got the run around and he never squared up with them.
    The folks on here posting “if someone had a true dispute they could take him to court ” or something to that effect are clueless in my opinion. Go ahead drop a few thousand to get a judgment that is not collectable, that makes sense. He has nothing to collect from. He has never has a stable place of employment, I can’t imaging there is even a tax return filed.

    As for anyone defending him, go for it. good luck maybe he has changed his tune however unlikely.

    As for any of us having a vendetta or having some agenda to discredit him for our own gain. The common ground or coincidence is that some many have had a virtually identical negative experience and have found the common ground of this posting. it would have to be a conspiracy against Atti otherwise.
    If your reading this Atti, and in any way shape or form think this is a malicious attack on your credibility, then your perception of the world we all interact and deal with others on a daily basis is beyond fundamentally flawed.
    You may start out with good intentions, but after trust is gained you have an uncanny way of evaluating how far you can stretch the trust of an individual in your own best interest and take that person for as much as possible be it monetarily use of there facility’s, use of there supplies or materials. You know exactly how far you can go before they finally come to the reality that you have violated every last inch of trust they had built up on you. I could only compare it to the character of a vampire.
    It is unfortunately the few folks like yourself that breed the seeds of distrust in people that normally would always give a person the benefit of doubt.
    You were also referred to as a cancer, another interesting parallel. Once a person experiences you they will never forget it. It changes their outlook on things. You do whatever is necessary to avoid being involved with the same kind of problem (person) again.
    This is again only my opinion.

  38. Videobob Says:

    Atti operates on
    and continues to spread his bullshit and lies…

  39. PCS Member Says:

    The following is a statement of opinion: There have been a few references here to the Professional Car Society. The suggestion has been made that Attila Bethlenfalvy is revered, respected and admired by the PCS. As a PCS Member/Supporter, I can say that I find him to be an utter scumbag. I am not alone among PCS members in my opinion of him. I will not disclose the name(s) of those with whom I have had conversations with on the matter; that said, there are ranking members of the PCS who find him as despicable as I do.
    There are also those in the PCS that he has not yet ripped off and continue to like him. They choose to tolerate his arrogance and reputation because they hope to profit or benefit from knowing him.
    The way I see it is, there are two groups of people: those who have been ripped off by Attila, and those who will be ripped off by Attila.
    He needs to get out of the classic car hobby. It is people like him that tarnish the reputation, integrity and honor of the classic car community.
    The above statement does not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the Professional Car Society, its affiliates, or its members.

  40. Just another Virginian Says:

    Here’s mentioned a few pics down as a contributor

  41. crowbardentist Says:

    Here’s two recent local legal actions. Somebody skipped out on a loan.

    Summit County

    Case Number: JL-2014-12295 File Date: 10/02/2014 Case Type: JUDGMENT LIEN

    P L A I N T I F F
    7367 YORK ROAD PARMA, OH 44133

    P L A I N T I F F ‘ S A T T O R N E Y
    323 West Lakeside Avenue Suite 200 Cleveland, OH 44113


    L I E N I N F O R M A T I O N
    Volume Page Risk/Claim No. IV-D Jud. Amount Court Jud. Date Interest Date ROI Case No Serial No. Released
    N $6,707.63 AKRON MUNI COURT 01/12/2001 01/12/2001 9.0000% 00CV07763

    Cuyahoga County



    Case Number: JL-14-691721
    Case Designation: JUDGMENT LIEN – CUYAHOGA CP
    Filing Date: 08/28/2014
    Judge: N/A
    Magistrate N/A
    Mediator: N/A
    Room: N/A
    Next Action: N/A
    File Location: N/A
    Last Status: ACTIVE
    Last Status Date: 08/28/2014
    Last Disposition: N/A
    Last Disposition Date: N/A
    Prayer Amount: $.00
    Court of Appeals Case: N/A

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