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Live Coverage of Microcar Museum Auction

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

auction“Live” coverage of the RM Auction of The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum will be available Right Here.

Come back on Thursday, Friday and Saturday February 14-16
for a Live Blog from the Event and experience it as it happens starting at 10am EST each day.
Complete Auction coverage along with results as they happen, in real time.

The logs show that this site has simply been HAMMERED from around the world as, other than
the Live Streaming Video from RM,(now unavailable)
there was NO OTHER SOURCE for Auction Results and News
during the auction as far as I know.

Preview Day Click Here

Auction Day 1 part 1 Click Here

Auction Day 1 part 2 Click Here

Auction Day 2 part 1 Click Here

Auction Day 2 part 2 Click Here

if you want to walk around the Auction, try this YouTube Video

Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum up for Auction Feb 2013

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

I’ll just leave this here:

 More information on The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Auction

Profile of John Hollowell and Goggomobil

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

John Hollowell of Ann Arbor Michigan with his Goggomobil TS400

Nice profile piece from about Microcar collector and enthusiast John Hollowell.

Even nicer is that they spelled GOGGOMOBIL correctly!
Link to article HERE
Link to John’s website: ISETTAGARAGE.COM (where Goggomobil is NOT spelled correctly! *sigh*…)

German tour of Jesada Technik Museum in Thailand

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

This 8 minute video is a rambling tour (narrated in German) of the Jesada Technik Museum in Thailand.
Previously covered as the Microcar Museum in Thailand, this video shows a bit more coverage of vast numbers of Microcars stored away in all sorts of places in all sorts of conditions from buckets of rust to restored, or at least presentable examples.
Tip of the hat to Mark Hatten for the head’s up.

Collection of Microcars for auction Sept 11 in PA

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

This collection of approximately 20 microcars will be auctioned on September 11 2010 in Bechtelsville, PA (preview on Friday September 10)
Mostly Crosleys and King Midgets, there is also an Amphicar there. The auction catalog is not available yet, check the auctioneer website HERE for updates and more specific information.

HMV Freeway

HMV Freeway

Crosley Pickup

King Midget III

King Midget III

King Midget II

King Midget (?) Fire Truck

King Midget project?

King MIdget III

more King Midget III

more King Midget III

Crosley Wagon

Crosley Wagon

Crosley convertible

Crosley Wagon

Crosley Hot Shot

Crosley Farm-O-Road

Profile of Dave Raab from Tustin CA

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

From the Orange County Register, this really nicely done profile piece about Dave Raab,
Microcar Enthusiast and Collector from Tustin California.
There is an ad at the beginning of the video, but the video is worth it.
There is a print story that accompanies this, read that HERE.
Make sure you read down to the first comment, it is hilarious!

Why do we love Isettas?

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

This video pretty much sums it up. What other car could you make a video like this with?

What is a bit astonishing is that this was made by the BMW Museum in Munich.
Listen to the lyrics and in particular to ” …without you I would never rise again”

Does this mean BMW is finally acknowledging the Isetta’s place in their history as “the car that saved BMW”?
Maybe it is just coincidence but this commercial is all stop-motion animation with KinToy Isettas zipping about, having fun and mixing it up with all the other BMW marques as well as modern day traffic. To think they just randomly selected a song to run in the background is difficult to believe.

What do you think?

Microcar Museum in Thailand

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

For many years there has been quiet talk and rumors of a Microcar Collector in Thailand.
It seems the rumors were true!
Jesada Dejkulrit is the collector who has a large Private Collection of all sorts of vehicles under the name “Jesada Technik Museum”. He appears to have a special interest in Microcars and Bubblecars of all sorts.

His first Microcar was a Messerschmitt, purchased in 1997 at an auction, since then the collection has grown quite a bit. Rumor has it that a number of the cars sold at the recent BubbleCar Museum Auction in the UK will be going to this collection in Thailand.


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