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Live Coverage of Microcar Museum Auction

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

auction“Live” coverage of the RM Auction of The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum will be available Right Here.

Come back on Thursday, Friday and Saturday February 14-16
for a Live Blog from the Event and experience it as it happens starting at 10am EST each day.
Complete Auction coverage along with results as they happen, in real time.

The logs show that this site has simply been HAMMERED from around the world as, other than
the Live Streaming Video from RM,(now unavailable)
there was NO OTHER SOURCE for Auction Results and News
during the auction as far as I know.

Preview Day Click Here

Auction Day 1 part 1 Click Here

Auction Day 1 part 2 Click Here

Auction Day 2 part 1 Click Here

Auction Day 2 part 2 Click Here

if you want to walk around the Auction, try this YouTube Video

Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum up for Auction Feb 2013

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

I’ll just leave this here:

 More information on The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Auction

Peel vs Peel

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

This piece from ITV IOM (Isle of Man) news has Ernie Leece discussing the “new” replica Peel P50s and Tridents that are being made and allegedly sold in the UK. Now it’s time for the perspective of someone who worked at the actual Peel Engineering Co on the Isle of Man.

In addition, here is a link to the episode of DRAGON’S DEN broadcast on the BBC that is referred to in the video. Watch the hosts of the show rip their business plan to shreds.”Half-Baked” is what they call it.  Also- while you watch the Dragon’s Den episode note how they try to make it appear as though they “bought the company” from the Isle of Man, just as Ernie Leece says in the news video.

Peel P50 for sale

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

“Peel P50 for sale”

That is the top search term that keeps showing up day after day after day in the logs.
OK, well now you found something didn’t you?
Seriously people, do you think that current owners are just tired of them and looking to get rid of them?
If and when they sell, they sell privately.  And there is generally a broker involved. And there is also a good deal of time and effort invested in the deal.

After the P50 appeared on Top Gear there were gobs of people trying to find one to buy with such requests as
“I don’t need a restored one”, or “It doesn’t have to run, that’s OK”
and then people were astounded to find that there were not several to choose from for under $1000.
After all, they are small, so why would they possibly cost any money?

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museums bought a replica from Andy Carter in the UK and apparently liked the attention that a REPLICA created that they started making their own copies for all the branches of their “Museums”.  Of course much of the stuff in them is replicas to begin with so it sort of makes sense for that venue.

So. For those of you that have landed here looking for a Peel P50 for sale, what do you think is a fair price for a Peel P50?
And why should someone sell their P50 to YOU?  Are you worthy?

update June 23 2010: Oh Look!  There is one being sold HERE by a Dealer on German eBay Right Now!

Vintage Microcars at 2010 Montreal Auto Show

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Apparently Vintage Microcars are a hit at Auto Shows (after the April 2009 NY Auto Show where we had 4 cars).

The Montreal Auto Show contacted us trying to get some Vintage Microcars for display at their show January 15-24 2010.
They were very insistent about having a Peel P50 in attendance so we hooked them up with Jeff Lane at The Lane Motor Museum.  Mario Palma Jr from the Toronto area also agreed to supply some vehicles and now they will have 8 models for the public to view over the course of the show:

1949 Rolux Baby – Mario Palma Jr.
1956 P.Vallee Chantecler – Mario Palma Jr.
1957 VELAM Isetta – Mario Palma Jr.
1958 FIAT Multipla – Mario Palma Jr.
1959 Frisky cabriolet – Mario Palma Jr.
1965 Peel P50 -Lane Motor Museum
1965 Peel Trident – Lane Motor Museum
1975 Mini Comtessa – Mario Palma Jr.
photos of the cars, but not really the show itself here:

update: Mario Palma Jr. just sent some photos from the show!

Front Page News in NY!

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

click for larger image

click for larger image

The New York Daily News decided that Vintage Microcars warranted an “above the fold” teaser on the Saturday Edition. A full “story” appeared inside on Page 7.

After this issue hit the newstands people came in through the front door of the Javits Center and went RIGHT to the Peel P50,
usually with kids towing their parents and pointing “There it is! There it is! The World’s Smallest Car!”

click to see larger version

click to see larger version

Microcars at the 2009 NY Auto Show!

Sunday, April 12th, 2009


Well, we’re here.

The Largest Auto Show in the United States and we are right inside the main entrance.
We have a 1962 Messerschmitt Kr200 from Gary Sonnenschein, a 1965 Peel P50 from The Lane Motor Musuem, a 1956 BMW Isetta from Jim Janecek and a 1958 Vespa 400 from Larry Newberry.
The above photo was taken before people started coming in, later it looks like this, only more crowded:


The exhibit is just mobbed with people constantly.
This time the 2 most annoying questions are:
“Are these street Legal” and
“How much is that?” (referring to the Peel)
Earlier in the day we were asked to participate in the Opening Day Ceremonies which involved a PR stunt.
The NY Auto Show opens with a PR stunt of some sort so that the local news shows up to cover it. This year they had a “Strongman Competition” where they were pulling a “train” of 10 KIA Soul cars.

p10405811 p1040596 p1040594

As a gag, they brought out a Microcar at the last minute and had it compete against a couple other Auto Show staff who actually tried to pull just one car. How many Union Carpenters and Decorators do you think it takes to push a Peel P50 into place and then hide it under some black fabric?


The Peel P50 was surprisingly easy to pull for some reason. 

Here is a behind the scenes video of the prep involved for Opening Day Ceremonies (2 minutes)


Peel P50 acquired by Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum

Friday, February 6th, 2009

But is it a real one?


peel4Check out the “official” Ripley’s video below.
They talk about how rare it is and how it gets great gas milage but that “this one is electric”.

I am pretty sure this car is a replica that was built for a TV show last year
(no, not the blue one that was on Top Gear)

another film crew “needed” one that could be driven indoors and the original 2-stroke motor threw out too much smoke, making it electric drive solved that problem. I am waiting for confirmation from the person that provided the car before posting my speculations but I am pretty sure this is the car they used.

Update: the car was purpose-built for Ripleys Museum.

Peel drives a Messerschmitt

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

EMMA Peel that is. From the old AVENGERS TV show.
Specifically the episode “The Girl from Auntie” originally broadcast in 1966.
The Avengers was distributed in over 120 countries aside from the UK and was dubbed into several languages. What language are they speaking in this clip?

Creator of Peel P50 dies at 87

Saturday, November 8th, 2008


One of the few remaining Peel P50 microcars is passed by the coffin of its inventor and Peel Engineering Company founder Cyril Cannell

One of the few remaining Peel P50 microcars is passed by the coffin of its inventor and Peel Engineering Company founder Cyril Cannell

SITTING in salute at the funeral of Peel inventor Cyril Cannell was one of his most famous creations.

The diminutive Peel P50, the world’s smallest road-legal car, was the first in a series of experimental microcars built in the 1960s by Mr Cannell’s fibreglass firm Peel Engineering Company.

Seventy P50s were produced between 1963 and 1964, but fewer than two dozen are thought to still exist including this one, bought by Peel’s Manx Transport Heritage Museum after a public appeal in 2005.

Volunteers at the museum used to see Mr Cannell come in to gaze with pride at the three-wheeled wonder, advertised in its heyday as a city car capable of holding ‘one adult and a shopping bag’.

In tribute to him, they lifted the 1.3-metre, 130lb car on to the patio of Peel Centenary Centre, where it was passed by his coffin leaving Peel Methodist Church on its way to Peel Cemetery.

Complete Isle Of Man Article Here

Drive a Peel P50 on Top Gear! (sort of)

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

For those of you that saw the episode of TOP GEAR with Jeremy Clarkson driving the Peel P50 through the offices of the BBC and wishing “Gee I wish *I* could do that”, well your wish has been granted.

The Top Gear Website has a nice Flash-base Game that allows you to “drive” a Peel P50 through the building, avoiding potted plants, lazy employees, copy machines and walls in order to get to the elevator so you can be on time for an “important meeting”.

This is probably the SLOWEST game I have ever played, but given the context I guess that is appropriate, there really is not a way to use the “turbo-boost” here because as soon as you do, you find yourself smacked into a wall or a desk.  Enjoy!

(you can find an article about this episode in Microcar News #1 2008)

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