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GPNW 2010 video

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Great Pacific Northwest Microcar Meet Forest Grove Oregon, June 11-13th 2010.
Microcars and Minicars run rampant, enjoy in the fun! Saturday’s 50 mile drive through the rolling hills and farm fields of Helvetia, with a tour stop at “Garden Vineyard” . Next was lunch at “Helvetia Tavern” , a wonderful parking lot impromptu serenade by “Houseblend” and a picturesque photo op at “Pumpkin Ridge” golf course. Hot 83’f afternoon sun required a soft serve ice cream “microcar” drive-in in treat at “Scottie’s Drive-In” back in old town Forest Grove. Sunday was the big show day on the grass in front of the McMeniman’s Grand Lodge Hotel. Fun was had by all!
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1971 Honda N600 commercial

Monday, June 14th, 2010

I remember seeing this commercial on TV when it came out!

The N600 was introduced to the USA in 1969 as a 1970 model, and was the first Honda automobile to be officially imported to the United States. It was technologically advanced for its time, with an all alloy engine that could achieve 9000 rpm. Engine output was 36–45 hp (27–34 kW) and the N600 was capable of 81 mph (130 km/h). It delivered surprisingly peppy performance because of its light weight (around 550 kg/1100 pounds), due to compact dimensions and some plastic parts (like the boot lid). The first brakes were very weak, despite having front disks and power assist. Rear suspension was a dead axle on leaf springs.
Production was stopped in 1972, along with the sportier Honda Z600 and the car was replaced by the first generation Honda Civic.


Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

This is great, they can’t stop laughing when introducing the car.
The poor model just looks so embarrassed.  I am serious!  The host does a good job of holding it together though.

MicroSouth 2010 coverage on TV

Monday, April 26th, 2010

NOTE: This event is OVER! It was March 26 2010
Also, don’t trust the info from the Reporters/NewsReaders, one person says it happens TWICE A YEAR, wrong – it is normally EVERY OTHER YEAR.

“Rally Isetta” at Barrett-Jackson 2010

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

“Terminally Cute” is how the announcers describe it, but for awhile on Tuesday, this car had the top sales spot (along with a Messerschmitt KR175 at $40,000) and probably annoyed some sellers of cars selling in the $20K range.
Expect a Behind the Scenes story of what it is like to sell a car at Barrett-Jackson from Richard Lewis (the restorer and seller) in a future issue of MICROCAR NEWS magazine.  If you look *really hard* you can see Richard standing on the left side (our left) of the Auctioneer podium.  He is wearing a dark jacket and baseball cap.  He says that as soon as the car was brought out someone dragged him away from the car and plopped him there.  Apparently standard procedure so everyone knows who the seller is and it prevents you from bidding on your own car.

This car had a “hammer price” of $43,000
SpeedTV’s own online “magazine” referred to the sale price as $47,300
but they also showed a photo of a different car when mentioning it.
and the NY Times said it sold for “nearly $50,000

Wow, the price just keeps going up even though the auction has ended.

IEEE Spectrum magazine takes a look at Vintage Microcars

Monday, November 9th, 2009, the world’s “leading professional association for the advancement of technology” has put up a rather nice 6 minute long video/slideshow/interview that was culled down from about 2 hours of phone interview.

It is part of the online version of their SPECTRUM magazine.

I think they did a good job, what you do you think?
Take 6 minutes and go HERE to see what engineers think of Vintage Microcars.


Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

The original title of this 1957 film starring Peter Sellers was “Your Past Is Showing” but for some reason they now call it “The Naked Truth”.  The credits also refer to it as “The Naked Truth” at the end as well (?)
Anyways -These are all the scenes from the movie with a British-built RHD BMW Isetta.

The driver of the Isetta is actually the “bad guy” who is trying to blackmail famous people into not printing their sordid tales in his gossip magazine: The Naked Truth.  If he could only afford an Isetta and has to live on an old boat, it would appear his blackmailing skills are not well honed.

Note in the first scene when the Isetta drives up to the camera with lights on and then turns them off, if you are watch in HQ you can see that the lighting crew quickly put some sort of diffusion material over the headlamps and did not trim it very well. It is quite obvious when the lamps are turned off.
Later scenes do not have the material on the headlamps.

Do you know any other films with Isettas or other Microcars in them?  leave info in the comments section and hopefully clips from the films will show up here in the future.

Messerschmitt KR200s in ONE,TWO,THREE

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

A few extracts from the 1961 film directed by Billy Wilder and starring James Cagney.
One,Two,Three is a Cold War farce that happens to have a couple of Messerschmitt KR200s
(and other period German vehicles) in the background of a few scenes.
See if you can spot the Goggomobil!

HMV Freeway Reunion 2009 Plainfield IL

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Jim Rostis hosted the 30th Anniversary Reunion for HMV Freeway Enthusiasts in Plainfield IL.

The Freeway is an American-made Microcar built in Minnesota from 1979 to about 1981.
16 cars showed up from all over, the furthest coming from California and one came from Canada.
more photos HERE

Why do we love Isettas?

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

This video pretty much sums it up. What other car could you make a video like this with?

What is a bit astonishing is that this was made by the BMW Museum in Munich.
Listen to the lyrics and in particular to ” …without you I would never rise again”

Does this mean BMW is finally acknowledging the Isetta’s place in their history as “the car that saved BMW”?
Maybe it is just coincidence but this commercial is all stop-motion animation with KinToy Isettas zipping about, having fun and mixing it up with all the other BMW marques as well as modern day traffic. To think they just randomly selected a song to run in the background is difficult to believe.

What do you think?

Weird Yellow Pages Ad with ISO Isetta

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

A French Yellow Pages ad with what appears to be an Italian SPANISH-built ISO Isetta driving around!
great footage and the car is a featured player, not just background.
(thanks to John Malcolm for digging this up…)

5th Annual GPNW Microcar Extravaganza

Sunday, June 21st, 2009
Front Page News!

Front Page News!

This years GPNW Microcar Extravaganza was huge fun. It is hard to believe two weeks have passed since the big event. The weather held out for the better, and 48 Micro-Mini cars attended. I want to personally thank everyone for coming and making it happen. This years multi-day event held at the McMenimans Grand Lodge hotel provided an elegant back drop for all the unique little cars, and great fun for the guests who stayed.

The Forest Grove News-Times did an article: Click Here

All the dramatic pictures can be found in the album Here

posted by your Host: Mark Hatten

Another “World’s Smallest Car” attempt

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

This amazing one-off creation by Perry Watkins of the UK takes a quad bike and some sort of toy version of Postman Pat’s Van and makes a driveable vehicle that Perry can barely fit into. Watching it on the road is just hilarious.

Perry says “Watch out Peel P50” as he thinks it should now qualify as “World’s Smallest Car” but I am pretty sure the Guiness Book of World Records classifies the P50 as “world’s smallest *Production* Car. Also, I think the thing has to be able to be registered and licensed for road use. None the less, it is an impressive achievement, it is about HALF the size of a Peel P50!

note: sometimes this video will not work for people viewing OUTSIDE the UK. sorry, don’t complain here, it is the BBC…

Microcars at the 2009 NY Auto Show!

Sunday, April 12th, 2009


Well, we’re here.

The Largest Auto Show in the United States and we are right inside the main entrance.
We have a 1962 Messerschmitt Kr200 from Gary Sonnenschein, a 1965 Peel P50 from The Lane Motor Musuem, a 1956 BMW Isetta from Jim Janecek and a 1958 Vespa 400 from Larry Newberry.
The above photo was taken before people started coming in, later it looks like this, only more crowded:


The exhibit is just mobbed with people constantly.
This time the 2 most annoying questions are:
“Are these street Legal” and
“How much is that?” (referring to the Peel)
Earlier in the day we were asked to participate in the Opening Day Ceremonies which involved a PR stunt.
The NY Auto Show opens with a PR stunt of some sort so that the local news shows up to cover it. This year they had a “Strongman Competition” where they were pulling a “train” of 10 KIA Soul cars.

p10405811 p1040596 p1040594

As a gag, they brought out a Microcar at the last minute and had it compete against a couple other Auto Show staff who actually tried to pull just one car. How many Union Carpenters and Decorators do you think it takes to push a Peel P50 into place and then hide it under some black fabric?


The Peel P50 was surprisingly easy to pull for some reason. 

Here is a behind the scenes video of the prep involved for Opening Day Ceremonies (2 minutes)


Inflatable Isetta in mobile phone commercial

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

watch for the other microcars at the end.

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