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SCAM: Fiat 500 Craigslist – Laura Biss is fake

Friday, November 28th, 2008
Fiat 500 that is not for sale!

Fiat 500 that is NOT for sale!

If you are trolling Craigslist looking for a cheap Microcar, don’t fall for this scammer trying to “sell” a Fiat 500 for $3000.

The ad has been placed in local Craigslist postings all over the country and most every one of them has been “flagged” for removal because it is SCAM.

I contacted the “seller” who lists their email as
(update: that email account has now been disabled)

I got a reply with a link to some more photos on and the offer that the car would be placed on eBay on a “private” auction “Just for Me!”, where I could “safely” buy the car because eBay offers 5 days “protection” against fraud. Problem is, that eBay does not offer that and the eBay link that “Laura Biss” sent me was a scam site posing as eBay. The text of the scam email follows… (more…)

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