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new CARS trailer has a Zündapp Janus!

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

See if you can spot the Zündapp Janus in the trailer for the new CARS movie from PIXAR.
Unlike the previous film this is not a “blend” of several microcars, it seems to be a rather accurate depiction of the vehicle (except for the addition of the monocle….).  Oh and the Janus also appears to be a “bad guy”. Whoo Hoo!  Hope they find a use for the rear door. Perhaps he is “two-faced”?
Hat Tip to Larry Claypool for the heads up.
cheaters can click here for a pic of the car

Heinkel Kabine in DOUBLE BUNK

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Scenes from the 1961 British comedy DOUBLE BUNK that only include the Heinkel Kabine.

This film has been out of print for many years and unavailable, now it can be found on Amazon or rented from Netflix! The quality is very good and the film is not bad either.
Does anyone know who owns/owned that Heinkel or where it is today?

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