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HOW TO: Shift A Goggomobil with Pre-select gearbox

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Ralf demonstrates how to use the Reverse button on a Goggomobil Transporter equipped with the electric Pre-select gearbox.
Jim tries to help but sort of fails.

The same info should apply to any Goggomobil with the Electric Pre-select gearbox.

This video is a very short segment from the Störy 2002 Video which can be found on DVD HERE

Local Teen Rescues Microcar!

Sunday, October 26th, 2008


photo: Jim Parker, The Post and Courier

photo: Jim Parker, The Post and Courier

Club Member Connor McCann from SC recently made the hometown news in an article about his rescue of a BMW Isetta.   The article appears in the online edition of the SC Post & Courier’s CHARLESTON.NET

It is a nice little general interest piece, unfortunately “rescuing” the Isetta was a bit more involved and colorful than the story makes it out to be.  Connor’s own version is much more exciting, involving Surveillance Cameras, Drug Addiction and JAIL!
(all part of the previous owner…not Connor).  
I guess that is not what people want to read about in the Charleston SC newspapers… who knew?

Of course I can’t get Connor to let me reprint his version of the story here either. So….

Read the Charleston Article Here

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