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The BMW Isetta that ALMOST made it onto Top Gear

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

This is Jon Hunt’s BMW Isetta being driven by Jeremy Clarkson for the first episode of this season’s TOP GEAR.
Unfortunately this sequence was cut from the show but you can now watch it here.
Is that “Brazil” being played in the background?  Shouldn’t that be used for Messerschmitts?
Oh, well, Bubblecars, they are all the same anyways right?

Don’t lend your microcars to Top Gear!

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Unless you are OK with them ending up on their sides.
Perhaps the owner of this 3-wheeled Reliant was told in advance that this was going to happen, as the host WAS wearing a helmet while driving so they did seem to anticipate that “something” could go wrong.
Or maybe this was planned all along, it is just a TV show after all.
This episode was being filmed for the next season, more on the “story” at the DAILY MAIL

Drive a Peel P50 on Top Gear! (sort of)

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

For those of you that saw the episode of TOP GEAR with Jeremy Clarkson driving the Peel P50 through the offices of the BBC and wishing “Gee I wish *I* could do that”, well your wish has been granted.

The Top Gear Website has a nice Flash-base Game that allows you to “drive” a Peel P50 through the building, avoiding potted plants, lazy employees, copy machines and walls in order to get to the elevator so you can be on time for an “important meeting”.

This is probably the SLOWEST game I have ever played, but given the context I guess that is appropriate, there really is not a way to use the “turbo-boost” here because as soon as you do, you find yourself smacked into a wall or a desk.  Enjoy!

(you can find an article about this episode in Microcar News #1 2008)

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