The Microcar & Minicar Club

Some of you are familiar with Rich Bachmann’s Microcar & Minicar Club.
Well, there is Good News and Bad News.
Over the years the “Club” has offered “members” many features:

  • Quarterly magazine called MINUTIA
  • A sponsored National Meet with Awards
  • A Roster/Directory  of Members
  • Monthly Meetings in NJ

The bad news is that one by one, all those benefits have disappeared, first it was the monthly meetings that became quarterly meetings then only “emergency” meetings and now apparently there are no meetings at all.
(also- “members” have never actually been welcome at those meetings, a dozen or so were kicked out once and told the meeting was a “private business meeting”)
The last Roster/Directory of members was published in 2005.
The last meet of any kind was 2006 and now no issue of MINUTIA magazine has been published for 2009.
They used to advertise that you got 4 issues per year for $25, but now it is just “4 issues”.

They managed to put out 2 issues for 2008 (Vol 17) and 2 make-up issues for 2008 in 2009.
But zero actual issues for 2009 (Vol 18).
So if you subscribed for 2008 and 2009, you received a total of…4 issues for $50.

Requests for comments or clarification on this have received no reply from the “editor” or from Rich Bachmann.
Two of the Board Members have now requested to be REMOVED from The Board of Directors but for some reason Bachmann will not remove their names!

The Good News is..they have a “blog”.
It has everything they used to publish in the magazine but it is FREE!
You don’t need to pay $25 a year to read the blog.
It should be linked off their website
update June 12 2010: Their website is now GONE.

If you would like a refund for 2009 and 2010 or clarification on this you can try to contact Rich Bachmann here:
or write to him and request a refund:
The Microcar & Minicar Club, PO Box 43137 Upper Montclair NJ 07043
Looking for a phone number to call? sorry, they don’t have one.

update: ALL personal contact info has been pulled  from their “blog”.  I wonder why?
and now any references to issues of MINUTIA magazine have also been yanked, but their old website which never gets updated still says “4 Quarterly Issues”. (note, their website is now gone so you can’t see anything there….)

update June 15 2010: A short announcement was posted to a Yahoo Message group stating that The Microcar & Minicar Club is officially disbanding and will be issuing refunds to all members “in good standing”.  For some reason Rich Bachmann does not mention his name or anyone else’s and used someone else to post the message.  Even after refunds there will be a considerable amount of money in the Club bank account.  Several TENS of thousands of dollars.  Will Rich Bachmann just walk away with this or ????

8 Responses to “The Microcar & Minicar Club”

  1. Tim Carlson Says:

    The Microcar & Minicar Club might not have a phone number but does anyone know the phone number for Rich Bachmann?

  2. Jim Says:

    I’m sure someone has his phone number but for some reason he does not want it to be readily available.
    I wonder why the Chairman and Treasurer would want to not be accessible to “Club Members”?

  3. Jim Says:

    Tim says he got a reply from Rich Bachmann saying that they were working with a new Printer and another issue of MINUTIA should be out soon.
    uh huh.
    The problem I have with this response is that on January 8 Rich Bachmann “got back to me” and told there was “an issue at the Printer right now”. That was 3 months ago. wtf?

    Still no response on what happened for 2009 and what will happen for the future.
    Probably more excuses.

  4. Walt Says:

    sounds more like someone spent all the club’s money on an investment that went bad.
    Why else is this guy hiding out?
    I bet there is no money in the club account.

  5. Bill Says:

    this is a cell phone that Bachmann used to use in Charlotte NC where he now lives:
    if it is disconnected, then he is really trying to run away from something.

    he has apparently stopped answering emails.

  6. Terry Reulalnd Says:

    They sent a postcard mailed Oct. 9 from Charlotte stating the demise of the club and all members in good standing will have the remaining balance of their paid dues refunded. Wonder what their financial situation is/was. It seems strange that they would suddenly disband unless their has been some hanky panky especially with money.

  7. Jim Says:

    ANOTHER postcard? These were sent out at the end out August as well saying the same thing. Maybe they are being sent in batches. (?)

    Why not just send out refund checks with the message and be done with it?

    The financial situation of the MM Club was always very good. They were more interesting in making money than actually doing anything. A few years ago there was about $20K in the bank (of course the only person that knows for certain is Rich Bachmann the now-missing Treasurer).
    They collected dues/subscriptions for almost 2 years while spending no money. If they had 800 active members as claimed that is $20K per year, add to the previous balance and you have maybe $50K.

    “They” are not sending out these postcards, if they are coming from Charlotte NC, that is Rich Bachmann doing this on his own. It would appear that everyone else has jumped ship. Also if -as Treasurer- he decided to go use all the Club money for something like renovating houses thinking he could always pay it back after he made some money flipping but actually got burned that would explain where all the money went. It would also explain why the postcards are sent in batches. Perhaps Bachmann can only scrape together enough money to send a few at a time?
    If so there is no way any refunds will ever be sent.
    If he blew all the Club money on something that would explain why MINUTIA suddenly stopped being printed as well. Can’t pay for printing and postage if there is nothing in the account!

    But this is all speculation. The only person that knows is Rich Bachmann and he is not talking. He is hiding behind the moniker of “The Board of Directors”. He NEVER speaks out on his own. He always gets someone else to do his work for him.
    Congratulations Rich! You wanted a “legacy”, now you’ve got one.

  8. Jim Says:

    Stephen “Hoop” Hooper (formerly on the Board of the M&M Club) has apparently been telling some people that Rich Bachmann has CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). I’m not sure what the point is of this except to perhaps elicit some “sympathy” for Bachmann?
    Many people live with CHF. It’s not an excuse for avoiding your responsibilities.

    Since “Hoop” seems to be in contact with Bachmann, perhaps you can contact Hoop for more info on locating Rich Bachmann.

    Hoop has a blog with his contact info:

    UPDATE:That is now literally a dead end as HOOP died on September 22 2011 after a 2 year battle with cancer.
    What is rather telling is that Hoop’s website/legacy that he left makes no mention of his connection to the old Microcar & Minicar Club at all.

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