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The Vintage Microcar Club is dedicated to
the enjoyment and preservation of Vintage Microcars, both foreign and domestic.
The primary focus of the club is on the post-WWII "Bubblecars"
(so-called because of their semi-spherical shape),
in particular the Isetta
(the original, Italian-designed Iso Isetta and its derivatives the BMW Isetta, BMW 600)
and the Messerschmitt.

It is not necessary to own such a car to join.
This is an Enthusiast's Club, not an Owner's Club

What do you mean by "Vintage"?
at least 25 years old

What is a "Microcar"?
Primarily defined by engine size, in our case: under 1000cc
the smaller-the better, they are essentially Enclosed Scooters.

some of the typical makes of cars found in our club include
the BMW Isetta 300, Citroen 2CV, Crosley, Daf, Goggomobil, Heinkel, King Midget,
Messerschmitt KR200, NSU Prinz and Subaru 360.

The Club publishes a Quarterly magazine called

The 32 page all color magazine features current Microcar News, results of eBay auction listings for MICROCARS, details on Member-oriented events, technical information, reprints of period literature and road tests, restoration and maintenance tips, Microcar trivia, photos of members' cars, sources for parts and service, and a classified ad section which reaches the largest single group of small car enthusiasts in the world!

Member benefits include:
4 issues of
each year
News and Information you will NOT find on the Internet for Free.
FREE Classified Advertising to members
LOW COST Commercial Ads for microcar related items
Club Membership Roster listing members and their cars
Meets and Events around the world
100MB of Free Extra Storage space in the On-Line PhotoGallery

Membership in the U.S. and Canada: $35/ year

Membership in other countries: $60/ year

If you're interested in joining, click here to start the process!