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SanFu Van

San Fu Van

A 1984 San Fu BIC Passenger Van

owned by Fred and Julie Langille of Huntington, WV.
Powered by a 544cc, rear-mounted, watercooled, 4-cycle, 4-speed, 27bhp engine
made by Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) for SanFu Motors, Ltd. in Taiwan,
It was not made for US import.
Capacity is 895 lbs of cargo or 5 passengers.
TheUSCG used them at its Taipei Base and, 7 vans/trucks wound up in RI and scattered across the US.

The following update is by Fred on October 28 2004:
"It is called a BIC because it was made by Sanfu Motors for Bales International Corporation ... which despite having 9 Sanfus in their boneyard, refuse to acknowledge the vans at all.
The total amount of the Sanfus built; passenger, cargo or pickup truck, were 24. Eighteen were shipped to the US, 6 stayed in Taiwan and, of the 18, I have accounted for all of them, mostly in bad shape but, 3 are under restoration and 3 are restored and running the other 3 are junked and, with the non-recognized 9 in BIC's boneyard, that makes the 18. Of the 6 in Taiwan, I haven't a clue

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