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 Vanguard Cadet

(originally appeared in "Popular Science", April 1954)

A mite of an auto from Coventry, England, has landed in the U.S. to challenge all native contenders for the title of "lowest priced car in America." The new Vanguard Cadet, a four-cylinder, four-door sedan, costs $1,387 at ports of entry.
It is an impressive little performer. Its overhead-valve engine develops only 26 horsepower but whisks the 11-foot 10 inch Cadet over the highways at up to 60 miles an hour. The car, easy to park and turn, averages better than 37 miles to the gallon. It has electric windsheild wipers, hydraulic brakes and clutch.

An austere dash groups the instruments in a five-inch dial directly in front of the driver. The parcel shelf could hold a radio.

The spare's in a slot, behind a cover that comes off completely. Cadet's strong, light body and chassis are of unitized construction.

The compact engine has a compression ratio of 7.25:1. The car has four forward speeds and the shift lever is right over the gearbox.

Stowage space for luggage is a metal cave behind the rear seats. The seat backs fold forward to provide a large loading platform.

Page prepared by Club member David Suarez, Brooklyn, NY. April 1997

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